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Friday, May 29, 2009

Signs Signs Everywhere There Are Signs

We have many sign holders in Palm Bay. The Correct term is Sign Waver. It seems like every company wants to get in on the action. I had a chance to chat with a few .
you see them on the side of the road almost everyday advertising Income Tax Preperation, Mattresses, Apartment Rentals, Fitness Centers and the same guys for years at the interstate interchanges begging for money with their will work for food sign. We all know that one is pure bull shit. Just offer the guy some work and you can hear about his back injury or some other load of crap. We have a Pirate on Palm Bay Road holding a sign for Apartments and we have little Ceasers girls telling us they have Hot and Ready Pizza for 5 Bucks. Tax time is always fun with the statue of Liberty dude at Malabar exchange the kid was crazy, dancing up a storm.
So does this type of advertising work. It must because these folks are out there on a regular basis making between 8 and 10 bucks an hour. Liberty Tax puts thousands of people to work across the Country every year doing it and now they are the #3 Tax preparers in the USA.
My Favorite Sign Waver in Palm Bay is Fred Flintstone real name Joel.
He is out there all the time for many different companies in his Fred Flintstone costume. He is a Free lancer and sets his own rates. He works at a Senior Care Center and makes ends meet doing the sign wave. Honk if you see Fred he thrives on the attention as do most of these guys and gals.
The City is still anti sign unless of course it is a sign supporting the May 12 Election. Many still adorn street signs and road sides. But Holy crap try putting a garage sale sign out on a Saturday Morning they will come by and pluck it out of the ground before you know it.

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