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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Malabar Gun Club Myth

There are some people in Palm Bay who live near the Malabar Gun range off of Hurley Road SW that do not like the Gun range being there. They Complain that there is too much noise coming from the place, especially on the weekends. Hey Morons you built or bought a house next to a shooting range Dahh what do you expect. They are like the dipshits who move near an airport then complain about the planes. Then there are the idiots who live about a mile away on the south end on Malabar road the gated community that actually claims bullets have landed on or near their homes. Total B.S. Have you ever been there ? I am sure if you ask they will show you around and you can see with your own eyes just how ridiculous your claims are.
I had one woman come to my house and wanted me to sign a petition to close the place down. After talking to her not only was she annoyed by the sound of guns firing she was anti gun. She even tried to explain to me her interpretation of the 2nd amendment. I told the fat pig to move back to NJ. That gun range has been there way longer then any homes there. They are good neighbors and offer an open house occasionally for local residents to see what actually goes on back there behind the secret gates.
Then, right next door to the left is the police training area. Does this also bother my annoying neighbor who just moved here from NJ. She had no clue it was there. She just wants all that nasty noise coming from that gun range to stop and somebody might get shot out there or worse yet a bullet is going to fly out of there and hurt or kill someone. Yeah right lady. Why don't you pack up the cars and head back up to NJ and take some of your friends back with you.


  1. hey i totally agree. i am from brooklyn and living down the street from the gun range sounds like home. to hell with those who think the range should be shut down. i wish i could get in. long live gun smoke...

  2. Finally someone with some sense

  3. Im a RESIDENT of the NW. SECTOR in palmbay. Plambay was fine. But when the market fell , (here come the RENTERS). That is all it took. Now it's the City dump. People throw trash out their car windows, leave garabage out for the coons to get in. It's the sadest thing that has ever happend to me by buying here.

  4. I rent a home in SW Palm Bay, and have seen kids roam the empty drainage ditches (probably kids of home owners), and even put out a fire with my grown son; for a neighbor (who owns his home), started by one of these kids tossing a lit object into there woodpile.

    I take exception to your disparaging remark about so called RENTERS. I wasn't dumb enough to buy this home for 300,000.00 4 years ago, so I rent it now and save my money to buy when the price reflects the value. You sound like you have sour grapes because your home is now worth what it should be.

    As to the anti-gun folks out there, wait until your home gets invaded and your kid gets shot when this country unravels.

    People are now living in foreclosed homes without the knowledge by anyone, and when this country goes into civil unrest you should consider what you will do for self defense.

    People that practice shooting are much safer than people that buy a gun and don't know how to use it. Kudos to the OP.

  5. I, for one, would love to purchase that home from that cranky, limey, pinko- commie, retarded bitch. I totally agree with the statement about people who buy homes near airports... etc. I live just a few miles east of there and, as for me, living next to a gun range would not only be convenient (for me and my plethera of home defence/ Zombie Apocalypse "tools") but would be a nice reminder of the sounds which have been a part of my everyday life for the past 11 years...
    Someone needs to tell that retarded (that has to be her excuse) bitch, it could be worse... the sounds of gunfire and even explosions, would still likely be a part of her daily life, if true Americans were ever disarmed.

    I get so pissed off at Americans who are so willing to trade their freedoms for a little security... as Benjhamin Franklin stated, they deserve neither... The audacity of these pinko-commie bastards never ceases to amaze me, as if the world owes them everything, at the expense of everyone else.

    How about this, let's get a petition to evict all those who do not own firearms, as they cause our community to be less safe, providing criminals with an easy target and making it necessary for our taxes to go up so that we can hire more police to cover their asses. I would even go so far as to say that if it weren't for individuals like her in this world, their wouldn't be any theivery!... I bet she would be the first to be surprised when her home is broken into, and all her socialist / Anti American memorbilia gets jacked. Yeah, I get that as a Combat Vet, I should tow the line, suck it up and remain PC when speaking about other people's right to be stupid, but I can no longer hold my tongue. I am tired of the lip service from people (probably like the bitch you mentiuon in this post) saying how thankful they are that we soldiers, marines and sailors are out there "fighting" for their freedoms, yet those same individuals do nothing to preserve them, here. Are they for real?

    Ok, enough of my tyrade for this morning... I will save the rest for the multitude of other ignorant, selfish, pinko's out there.

  6. Hey folks, i'm from suffolk co. N Y. There are no gun rights as far as pistols and ccw are corncerned. You can get a permit to own a handgun (after a long waiting period) but cannot transport except between home and range, no stops, and the weapon must be unloaded and securely stored. We do shoot shotguns at a sporting range. No permits are necssary for long guns.
    Our ranges are however under pressure from residents whose homes were built long after the existance of the range.
    I'm not agun "lover" per se, but I do support the constitution. Keep up the good struggle FL, our future depends on it.

    Joe, melbourne

  7. nothing wrong with haveing guns but you assholes are shooting at 9 oclock at night and every saterday and sunday morning just a bunch of assholes that dont care about anybody but themselves another reason palm bay sucks

  8. Hmmm, did you buy your house before or after the gun range was put in? If after, it would be like buying a house next to an airport, and saying the pilot only cares about himself.

    Also, Saturday and Sundays are the only time people who have a job can shoot.