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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mayor Mazziotti Welcomes the New York Migration

Mr. Mayor or John as you like to be called why are you so bent on bringing Yankee ways to Palm Bay? I know you think that we southerners are as you say Mr.Mayor "Red Necks" at least that's what you have been quoted as saying. Most of the problems in Florida were brought here by Yankees like your self. Us Red Necks were down here enjoying the sunny weather excellent fishing and pristine beaches. What happened was all the Northerners came down. Developing the hell out of the place. Why is it that when people from up North leave their "home" because they have had it with the High Taxes, crowded areas and cold weather and the first thing they do besides bitch about the bugs, is they want to change this place into what they left up North. More than 300,000 people moved from New York to Florida from 1995 to 2000 alone, the largest state-to-state migration in the nation. Census figures show another 500,000 came from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Palm Bay is starting to resemble New York South and the Mayor seems to like it. But not only are the Northerners moving down here, some how they are also moving up from down south. I know it sounds weird but Palm Bay has many south FL transplants with New York accents. Their kids have never lived in new york but yet there they are, Yankee hats on sideways boxers up pants down Yo Yo whats going on.

We have all of these budget problems. WE have to pass referendums to save ourselves. Just a few years ago Mayor John left the Hardware business and was out selling houses to Northerners and damn proud of it. Mazziotti expected 4,000 new homes in 2005 alone. Well here we are 4 years later and are you surprised we have the problems we do. How Many permit fees were collected? While you and the City Fathers were busy with Bay Side, seems to me like you just ignored the rest of town. Sounds like some piss poor planning. All of that cash was just a rolling in off of the Real Estate Bubble. But it popped! Things were looking good there for a while wasn't it. Talk of bringing a Minor League Baseball team into town, a New Mall across from the Auto Zone on Malabar Road, perhaps even an arena and all kinds of other good stuff. Do you know what I see on that part of Malabar Road two lanes merging into one and a bunch of assholes from NY not letting people Merge or they are trying to cut into traffic.
I don't like the fact Mr. Mayor, that you think it is cool that Palm Bay was becoming like New York south. You welcomed the migration with open arms, dollar signs dancing in your eyes. You were loving it. Just like back in Brooklyn. So what did we get from it? Where are the benefits? Looks to me like we got more problems then we had before.

This is not New York it ain't New Jersey Ohio or Massachusetts.
Ted Kennedy is not our Senator and Barney Frank isn't our congressman. The Indian River is not the Great South Bay and the beach side is not Jones Beach on Long Island. Show the place some respect. If you do not like it here, and you hate the low wages, Red Necks, 99% humidity, 100 degree days, afternoon thunderstorms with lots of lightning, lizards, the mosquitoes, Hurricanes, Our crappy sports teams, old people and you think to yourself often "that's not how we do it up North." Leave! Please feel free to leave. The Interstate that brought you South also goes North. You brag about how you sold your place in Babylon for $700 thousand and you only paid One Hundred, so then take the loss here in Palm Bay. Go back up there, the prices came way down up there since you left. You can have it all again. The Yankees, The Giants, The Jets, The Mets, Good Pizza, real hot dogs, Chuck Schumer and real high taxes. When it gets real cold and miserable come on down for a visit, bring the kids to Disney World. Then Go home And take your brothers in law Tony and Donny back up with you. They left a big ass mess next to the bridge at Turkey Creek Park while fishing and there was a trash can not twenty feet from where they were fishing.

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