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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Road Side Trash

I know the City is so worried about it's image that it has a crew pulling up Garage Sale signs every Saturday . You can pull up as many signs as you want and how about pulling down those vote yes on May 12 signs they are still hanging all over the place. The fact is there is garbage everywhere in Palm Bay. You can not drive down a street off of Jupiter or Garvy or Elderon without seeing garbage strewn down the side of the road. Mostly fast food bags with the wrappers cups. Beer cans and bottles and a little of everything else. Whats the matter you don't want your Mommy or you spouse to know you pigged out at Mickey Ds or are you just so damn lazy you throw the shit out the window in your own neighborhood before you get home. The same thing at the beach or the islands in the river garbage everywhere. Take your trash with you slobs.Is it that difficult. Its probably the offspring of the same pigs that leave dirty diapers in the parking lot at Winn Dixie or WalMart. Have you ever looked out the window when your waiting for a traffic light at any major Palm Bay intersection I guess the whole world is your ashtray, there are literally thousands of cigarette butts on the road and median.
Several years ago beer cans started piling up on the side of the road near my house. Everyday a new tall Bud can in a brown bag was added to the growing number of scattered cans. One day by chance I saw an empty fly out of the window of a City Gas truck. The guy lived right around the corner from me I knew him though not very well but I knew where he lived. I guess he did not want his wife to know he was tossing back a cold one everyday on the way home from work. Maybe he needed it to deal with the old lady before he got home, but it really pissed me off. What a dick. I gathered up all the cans, probably 25 to 30 and some other trash and dumped them on his driveway that evening and tossed a few in the bed of his truck. He got the message and stopped doing it and I know he knows it was me that did it. If I find the little A hole who throws the McDonalds bags out the window. I will do the same thing to you. You Freakin slob.

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