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Monday, August 30, 2010

Obama Shoes

I saw some kid wearing Obama shoes today. Can you believe this crap, Obama shoes, by NIKE. I would rather walk barefoot through piles of shit then wear Obama shoes.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Judging from the onslaught of the hate filled name calling and I hate your guts emails I received ,I figure this town has got to be a total dump if a blog about wearing sagging pants causes such a shit storm.
I would like to ask yet again how the hell was that a racist post? I did not criticize Blacks at all for wearing there britches down low. I just made an observation and said I found it amusing and comical. I even researched the true beginnings of the fad. I did however give crap to the white boys who participate in the fad because I think they all look even funnier. All "wiggers" look funny to me. Don't you think Black folks think "wiggers" are funny? Think about it. White boys strutting around calling each other nigger and grabbing their crotch saying " Know what I'm saying" after every sentence.
I am so tired of all the racist bullshit that gets thrown my way. You have no idea. I judge everybody the same. Color is not the first thing I see. I don't care if you black or white if your stupid, well your stupid.
Another thing that seemed to get under one particular emailer's skin was this statement I made in the low pants blog. It read: Sadly a large percentage of black men end up doing some time in either a jail or a prison and brought the fashion statement home to the hood with them when they got out. Well excuse me! It is a fact. That means it is true, look it up. That's one thing I just have a hard time with. People who get all upset and get their panties all in a wad and calling me all kinds of racist names about the facts. The facts are facts, and the truth is the truth, and if it hurts, tough shit it is the truth. You can not argue the truth. If you cant argue the truth you resort to the name calling and as always it is the same tired accusation. That you are a RACIST. If You don't like the president you are a RACIST. I still say its the people of color who are the biggest racists. Because of the double standard we have. Things like Miss Black America. If we had a Miss white America, it would be racist. The BET network, if we had a White entertainment network it would be racist. United Negro College Fund is OK, But The United Caucasian College fund would be racist. NAAC Perfectly fine NAAWP Racist. All Black Colleges are fine. An all white college is racist. The list could go on and on. I just think the sooner people get over it and just be all Americans things would be so much better.
But then how would people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton make their millions?
Then there are the Democraps who find it just terrible that the right side of my blog page is disrespectful against the president, their Messiah the 44th President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama II aka Barry Soetoro. Somehow they feel it is unAmerican? Really have you ever read the constitution? Things have gotten worse not better since the Messiah was elected and took office. Stop blaming Bush and realize you assholes who voted for him made a mistake.
Just about every email I received this week was pure hate. I guess that means you are reading this crap and some of you come back for more. Just remember it is a blog from someone who lives in a crappy little town in Florida .
Do not take it so seriously. If it makes you feel better spewing your hate then keep it up. If it offends you that much, well good then that means I got what I wanted.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hey Bro Pull Up Your Pants


The City of Cocoa the only city in Brevard that actually makes us look good is considering a ban on Saggy pants. "It's inappropriate," Cocoa Mayor Mike Blake said. "That's a fashion fad I cannot participate in. I don't want to see yours, and you don't want to see mine."
After he received numerous complaints, Blake asked the city attorney to research how Cocoa might regulate below-the-rear end pants worn by young men or women that show off their underwear or boxer shorts.
Maybe our Mayor, John Mazziotti will get in on some of this action. Anything to raise some revenue for the City. Maybe some boxer shorts cameras strategically placed around the City.
Personally I think people who wear their pants down below their ass cheeks look like fools. The fashion trend had its beginning in Prison. Now I know some of you think that in prison it meant hey come get my ass I am available for some homosexual sex. That's what has been said and there are plenty of places on the Internet that state that reason. However after doing some research that seems to be a myth. It did however get its start in prison. Prisoners are not allowed to have belts or shoe laces for fear that they would hang themselves or use these items as a weapon. That's why their pants would fall down. Sadly a large percentage of black men end up doing some time in either a jail or a prison and brought the fashion statement home to the hood with them when they got out. Then after the hip hoppers and Rap artists got a hold of style they wanted to look as thuggy as possible so they adopted the look. From there it just exploded so that even wanna be white boys and Hispanics took on the look.

When ever talk of passing something against the saggy pants the issue of racism comes out. Is there anything you can say or do that is not considered racist anymore.
Do I think that there should be some kind of law that makes it illegal? No because I find it hilarious. Its funny to see people who look like complete idiots walking through Walmart with their pants almost falling down and their boxers up. Obscene? I don't really think so. Just complete morons. Especially the white boys with the pants way down, Raiders ball cap sideways the crappy neck tattoos and no shoelaces waiting to buy a white owl at the Circle K yappin on the cell phone yo yo. Maybe they were homeboy's bitch in jail?
. But they look like total douche bags, got to love it.

The police love it too. Ever see an episode of COPS where when trying to flee, the thugs pants fall down and he falls over? It makes it so much easier to chase the thugs when their britches keep falling down. Makes it just too easy to catch the dumb ass when he has to hold up his pants with 1 hand or they just trip him up completely.
I do not think we need another law on the books to stop people from wearing saggy pants. Maybe some parents out there should pay some attention to what your kids got hanging off his ass. You white kids look even lamer..Some cities include fines ranging from $25.00 in Oklahoma to actual jail time of 93-100 days in the crowbar hotel and up to a $500.00 fine in Flint Michigan.
The rap culture brings us not only violence, racism, disrespect to women but also fashion of having you pants sag below you ass cheeks.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Racism Alive and Well in Palm Bay


More typical Palm Bay crap.
Recently a Black or should I say African American boy aged 14 assaulted a White or should I say Caucasian man aged 22 for listening to rap music. According to a Palm Bay Police Department report The little 14year old African American thug told the man to turn off his music, adding that he was "white and he shouldn't be listening to rap music." Guess the black kid never heard of Eminem. When the victim replied that he "could listen to whatever he wants," the suspect "repeatedly" punched him in the face. Though "other black juvenile males and females...attempted to get involved in the dispute," the victim fled "before any further battery could occur." The man sustained a swollen left eye during the assault, cops reported. Wow he got beat up by a 14 year old . That's what you get for listening to rap music dude. I hope you learned a valuable lesson. #1 African American kids are taught to be racist at an early age. Everything is the white mans fault. #2 Listening to rap music is not a very smart choice for a white boy. .

So now the Blacks do not want us Crackers to listen to Rap. Hell white people invented rap many years ago. Ever hear someone call a square dance? you know "take your partner blah blah". Sounds like rap to me. That was long before the Black so called artists started ripping off white artists by sampling their music like Aerosmith and Van Halen and foreigner and adding their shitty lyrics about bitches hos and guns and drugs. Its a thug thing, all that gangster west coast verses east coast crap. Some one is always shooting someone else in the rap world. Whether its at a concert or even an award show there is bound to be trouble when you get these rappers together.

A Caucasian 22 year old man and I use the term man loosely with our victim here because he got his ass kicked by a 14 year old boy should listen to some Metal or even country music or if you are gay some Ricky Martin unless there is some kind of race identity crisis going on here . He sounds like a real douche bag. Probably has the pants way down low boxers up and some crappy tattoos. But Shouldn't you be able to listen to anything you want to no matter how bad it makes you look.

The teen attacker gave a fake name when initially approached by cops, but was later identified by his mother. The boy was arrested and booked into Brevard County's juvenile detention facility for misdemeanor battery and giving cops a false name. However, if the incident is determined to be racially motivated,(How can you say it was not) the battery charge could be elevated to a felony via a so-called hate-crime enhancement.

If this incident had been the other way around and a white guy had kicked the black kids ass we would have the NAACP, Sharpton and Jessie Jackson down here parading the victim around screaming at the top of their lungs through Mega phones RACISM! RACISM! There would be news vans parked all over, and they would lock the guy up for good. Since the victim here is a white male this kid will not get in any trouble it will just quietly go away. After all the victim is white so it was probably his fault, some how he caused it. Arent white males the cause of all the worlds problems? Do you think this was an isolated incident, blacks spewing hate speech at whites? Talk to kids who go to Bay Side High School or Southwest Jr. High it seems to be a fairly common thing.

Monday, July 26, 2010

OMG Does This Just Scream Palm Bay ?


You are going to have to read this first!


Oh My God doesn't this story just scream Palm Bay. Does it just seem like you knew it had to be in our City? It's just so typical Palm Bay. It is a tragedy because a woman has lost her life at the hands of her own family, but it is just typical of the kind of people that live in Palm Bay. I guarantee you the rest of the county read the story and there was no surprise. Palm Bay or Cocoa.
The best quote from the story:
"Not only did Ms. Fowler leave the scene, but the other individuals involved in this incident failed to obtain medical aid for the victim for more than 45 minutes," said Traffic Homicide Investigator Jennifer Cordeau.
Cant you just see them at the scene all F'ed up letting this woman a person they were with, the girl friend of one, the sister in law of the other, trying to figure out how the hell they were going to get out of this. What a group of morons.What a group of complete idiots.
And who the hell goes to the American Legion Post at 189 Veterans Drive?
Were they veterans? Who was the DJ. The guy must be a stud. Who was the bar tender? No one at the American Legion Post knew what was going on in their parking lot? No one could call 911 No one could call an ambulance. there was a donut shop right down the street. No cops? at a donut shop?
Its just typical Palm Bay. Sorry but the story amazes me and proves the Palm Bay stereotype to be all too true.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Palm Bay July 3 Independence Day Celebration Fireworks!

All I can say is Wow!! Another time the City of Palm Bay does not suck. The City held it's Fourth of July Celebration a day early. It had something to do with last years fiasco. Do you all remember that one? It rained and a wicked thunderstorm moved through the fairgrounds at BCC and ruined the fireworks causing the cancellation of the fireworks.
Not this year Baby. Any City in Brevard County yet alone the state would be hard pressed to beat the display we had this year. I wish my camera was not broken. Because The City totally had their shit together from beginning to end. The fire dept had a huge American flag hanging between two fire trucks It would have made a great picture. It was a very family friendly celebration and there wasn't even a need for dozens of police walking around. There was a steady drizzle falling for a couple of hours before dark so we were wondering if they would get a chance to even have fireworks. The band provided good tunes and the kids had a great time at the bounce houses and slides.
Believe it or not there were not any loud drunks and there was not a bunch of dip shits shooting off their own fire works . Right at 9:00 the Mayor and the City council was introduced and then a young girl who's name I wish I could remember did an outstanding beautiful job of singing the National Anthem and then the lights went out, and a 5 star Pyrotechnics show began. Great show, they really out did themselves. Then after the fireworks ended the police had their shit together. Traffic was moved out of there in a most expedient manner. They moved traffic right through the major intersections. No big traffic jam. Overall the whole City did a fantastic job, Police, Fire, Parks all city employees did a great job Thank You Palm Bay. We had a great night. Its nice when Palm Bay does not suck.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Melbourne Art Show vs Palm Bay Art Show

The Melbourne Art Show was last weekend. So was the little advertised Palm Bay Art Show.
Which was better?