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Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Hot Outside! What Is With The Hoodie?

Hey you, Young African American male. Do You realize it is almost 100 degrees outside?
There they are walking from Madalyn Landing to the Winn Dixie Shopping Center wearing that rut on the side of Malabar Rd. deeper. Maybe walking down San Filippo or just out for a nice stroll walking their pit bull down one of Palm Bay's beautiful Boulevards. Why are you wearing a hoodie? It is a hundred freaking degrees outside. Whats up with the hoodie my brother, are you trying to look all gangsta? I will bet you are sweating your black ass off.

Isn't the fact you gots yo pants down to yo knees and untied $175.00 shoes sending a clear signal? I just do not get it.
It is 98 degrees outside and you are wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Yup there you are at Micky D's ordering a Big Mac wearing your hoodie. Your in Walmart yapping away on the cell phone with the hood up. You are in Florida my brother. Look at the sign over there at the bank see the temperature 98'. Maybe you would not be so angry all the time if you took off the hoodie and cooled off.
You will feel so much better.
Hey you! Fat Gothic chick with the pierced face and black hair with the red streak. That's right you with the black lipstick and black nail polish. Its too damn hot for an overweight goth chick to walk around the shopping center wearing a
black Marilyn Manson Hoodie.

The sweat is causing the mascara to run down your face like a landslide sweetie. Take off the hoodie and don't worry about the cutting scars, people will be focused on that horse shoe in your bottom lip. The cannibal corpse T shirt isn't that small , don't worry some guys are into muffin girls. Have a diet coke and cool off.
Hey you! Wigger boys.
Yo Yo wearing your South Pole hoodie in the steamy FL heat makes you look like a bigger douche bag then you already are. You are sweating your white ass off and quite frankly you are starting to stink.
Heres a little advice we cant see those shitty tattoos with your baby or baby's mama's name on your neck when you have the hooded sweat shirt on.
So take off the hoodie and put that wife beater back on. Pop in the ear buds, crank up the Eminem,
fire up a Newport and chill out my Caucasian brother its like 98 degrees outside You will feel so much better and with out all that sweat in your eyes you may see in the mirror that you are white. So chill out and be comfortable.
Don't worry you can start wearing those hoodies again in 8 or 9 months..... Ahh just another day in the Bay.