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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Well 2009 is a done deal and we welcome the new year 2010. Palm Bay residents closed out 2009 in typical Palm Bay fashion. Its been a busy week in the news. Over at Poolies and the Retro Room early Christmas Morning there was a big brawl requiring, according to police reports up to 24 officers to respond to quell the disturbance. At one point, police report, a crowd of over 100 people screamed profanity and tossed at least one glass bottle toward officers. Do these people not spend Christmas with their families? Police charged Paul Franklin, 25, with battery on a law enforcement, inciting a riot and resisting with violence. Sounds like the entire Palm Bay PD was there spending their Christmas at Poolies sending drunks home and bringing one to the crowbar hotel for the holidays. Typical Palm Bay behavior cant even behave on Christmas.
Our little section of I95 was like driving Talladega Superspeedway with numerous car accidents
between Malabar and Palm Bay road exits resulting in injuries and death actually there is less death at Talladega . I guess we cant really blame this one on Palm Bayers. People drive through I95 like a bunch of assholes and with all the construction its just the "big one" waiting to happen.
We also had the 69 year old Walmart greeter ass kicking contest that made the National News at our very own Malabar Road Wally World. Seems that customer 23 year old Palm Bayer Skyler Lowery set off the the alarm on his way out and the greeter followed him out side. You know that beeper alarm has pissed me off a few times but I did not think I could take the greeter in a all out fight. Anyway the greeter followed Skyler out the door. Skyler Lowery was not stealing anything he had a receipt but the greeter was relentless and Mr. Lowery came back in the store took the greeter's clip board and the fight was on. You can watch the video your self at FL Today's website the old man held his own pretty good for being 69 years old and taking on a 23 year old. Mr Lowery was also taken to the crowbar hotel and released on $5000. bond. He claims self defense. Watch the video and you make the call. Lowery would not comment directly on the case, but indicated there was more to incident than portrayed on the videotape released by authorities. He also said the store's greeter followed him out of the store and into the parking lot -- despite being shown the requested receipt -- and used derogatory language to call out to him. Lowery would not say what the words were. But I bet you somebody is gonna claim the "N"word was used. Maybe it was just a passing car blaring common rap lyrics. I guess we will have to wait for the trial.
We also had the "Desperate" Robber Pierce Elwood Collins, 49, of Palm Bay, could face jail time after Palm Bay Police said he confessed to carrying out two armed robberies over the weekend. Collins lost his job three months ago. He moved in with his mother on Saturn Street in southwest Palm Bay. On Sunday, Collins walked into an Exxon convenience store on U.S. 1 to buy a pack of gum. When he returned to his car, he found a knife and went back into the store and demanded cash the clerk initially rebuffed the armed robber, but the robber allegedly threatened to kill the clerk if he did not get the cash. Police said the suspect, whom they identified as Collins, was given a handful of cash before leaving in a gold car.Sorry about your hard times Dude especially with all of this hope and change going on but you cant rob stores.
About four hours later on Monday at the CVS Pharmacy at 1599 Babcock Street, police said Collins approached another clerk and pulled a knife demanding cash.

We had a Meth lab bust big news there. Palm Bay police discovered a methamphetamine lab at 111 Maywood Ave. near Malabar Road after they served a search warrant at the address. A lot of Police, guys wearing hazmat suits carrying out little cans of chemicals. This incident happened close to home and there were a lot of police there. Good thing nothing was going on at Poolies.
We also had some more little juvenile punks get busted for breaking into houses and cars. A burglary suspect who vowed to Palm Bay police that he would be back on the streets before Christmas has been ordered by a judge to remain in custody for the holidays.Patrol officers arrested the teen with five other juveniles during two unrelated burglaries Monday And as is so typical with these little bastards is a couple had numerous arrests on their record and bragged that they would be home for Christmas. Who and why do they keep letting these little pricks out of jail I say lock them up and make mommy and daddy pay some $$$$ maybe then they will take responsibility for their little juvenile delinquents. Or I say charge them as adults.
Then we have the dip shit child porn guy at the Palm Bay Road Walmart that is actually located in West Melbourne. This piece of human debris goes to nthe photo center prints some "family " photos and leaves before his pictures print out. The Walmart worker finds pictures of a ten year old girl preforming sex acts. Thank God they busted this creep Brian Neil Rozema, 36 from Palm Bay.
Finally the Palm Bay police got to use
the para glider this week. Some suspicious brush fires flared up in the beautiful SW area and the police got airborne. What a sight, breathtaking, Palm Bay PD airborne we dont need no stinking helicopter. Our Police air unit is the envy of the entire country.

I hope every one has a Safe and Happy Time ringing in the New Year and may you be blessed with a prosperous 2010. Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Melbournes Own Bill Nelson Bringing You Hope And Change

In case you have not been paying attention The United States Senate is poised to pass their Health Care Bill which President Barrack Obama will sign. The president will sign any health care reform bill put in front of him and it does not matter what is in it. In fact no one really knows what is in it. The whole deal has been a secret deal done behind closed doors. So much for all of the transparency bull shit that was promised to the American people. This is how the Failed stimulus package was also passed, rammed right down our throats with out anyone being able to read it. Same goes for the Cap and trade bill and the bank bail out bill.

Marching lock step with Harry Reid and Nacy Pelosi is our Senator Bill Nelson. He is a good little democrat and does what he is told. Despite real unemployment numbers running near 17% Senator Nelson could not care less. Pelosi and Reid do not support the Space Program and NASA is going to lose and lose jobs big time. Good paying jobs right here on the Space Coast. It does not matter what the people who are represented by Senator Nelson want, his mind is already made up. He is for any kind of Health care bill that comes out of the Senate . To hell with the people. Even NASA gets the snub from Nelson despite the fact he took a ride on the space shuttle and tells how committed he is to it. You can see where Senator Nelson's real alliance is and that is to this new regime of socialism pouring out of Washington DC. His leftwing leaders want the NASA money for social programs, more hoax and change. More money for the inner cities etc. Bill Nelson is prepared to do as told. He is far from being any kind of leader and is an embarrassment to the State of Florida. So much for "Nelson's Neighbors" remember those days early in his career.
It seems Senator Nelson is not smart enough to broker some kind of deal for his vote to help NASA like Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana who was bought off for what she said was $300 million dollars and Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska who also was bought off. All to vote yes on the health care reform bill any health care bill. No not our Senator Bill Nelson.
Senator Nelson is nothing more then a political hack, Government is all he knows, he never has held a real job in the real world yet he makes millions from his "investments".. Do you think we have insurance problems in the state of Florida? Blame Bill Nelson. Alot of the home owners insurance mess can be blamed on Bill Nelson the then insurance Commissioner for the State of Florida.It happened under his watch.
Yes Senator Nelson needs to be thrown out of office, right on his ass. He does not represent the interests of the majority of voters in his district. Bill Nelson has become nothing more then a little Bitch for the Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid.
Harry can always depend on Bill to follow his orders. Harry says jump and Bill jumps. Harry Reid says shit and Bill asks what color. Bill Nelson is pathetic and is no longer worthy of representing the people of Florida he is an embarrassment and a disgrace.

And don't worry about Bill when he is finally out of office. He's got his Million$ in the bank. He got his son a great job, and he will be able to score a huge salary with a Washington DC lobbying firm not to mentioned that sweet pension deal from the government. Your going to get taxed more for a socialized medical plan that will not be anything you were promised. In fact as it reads now you will pay taxes on that health care plan for 3-4 years before it even starts. Would you buy a car and pay for three years before you could drive it. Would you buy a house and pay for three years before you could move in to it? Hope you like your hope and change brought to you by people like Senator Bill Nelson FL.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Palm Bay's Green Acres

The breaking news coming out of Palm Bay is the Community Gardening idea. Its not a new idea its been around since the pilgrims first settled here in what was the New World. For Palm Bay though its a new idea. It seems like it caused some excitement throughout the town. That just proves what a horribly boring place this is. The whole concept caused quite the stir. The subject even made it to Bill Micks morning talk show on WMMB. Bill spent a little time on the subject. He seemed to think it was a bad idea to spend City money clearing the land or city labor to do any of the work. You all now my right wing leanings and I don't have a problem with it. This city wastes so much money on so many studies and other bull shit whats the big deal if they spend another grand or two.Besides Bill Mick you dont live here in our wonderful city so you do not get to vote.
The Palm Bay Community Garden idea would work something like this: The City has a lot of vacant land some of which is left over from when we got screwed by GDC. It was supposed to be used as parks, but do we really think that those will ever get built? Dream on. So they decided to start a half-acre garden on a six acre lot near Nemo Circle and Salmon Drive to see how it goes. people would get their own little plot to grow their own garden. The number one thing
I see wrong with this whole idea is that Lee Feldman the City manager is involved. This guy can screw up just about anything he is involved with. He can destroy a project faster then anyone.
Over all I say its a good idea. Letting citizens use land that belongs to them anyway. Getting out side in the fresh air and sunshine turning some soil and growing their very own vegetables. Of course there are the negatives besides Lee Feldman's involvement. The Citizens would form a board among themselves and set up rules on what can be planted, how the land would be fertilized and what pesticides could be used. Have you ever dealt with these "boards"
Someone gets a little bit of power and we have instant dictator

I have seen it in Palm Bay little leagues and even in scouts. Some old retiree that wants to be in charge and watch out!. And you know some neighbors will complain about the garden just being there. They probably complained about the lots being vacant.
Then of course remember this is Palm Bay so you will have to worry about someone stealing your tomatoes and cucumbers or trampling over your collard greens. Come on you know its gonna happen, You can read the story in the local mullet wrapper FL Today. It would say something like Vandals destroy Palm Bay Community Garden. Days before harvest someone smashed tomatoes and ran off with peppers, onions and pole beans. The vandals also knocked over fences and trampled rows of crops and pulled up plants. Police say it appears to be the work of teens. Its Palm Bay and that's how we roll.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just about everyone who lives in Palm Bay either knows someone or themselves have been a victim of a home burglary or had their vehicle broken in to. In either case your property has been damaged and the stuff you worked hard to pay for has been stolen. It really sucks! You come home from work to find your front door kicked in or a window broken and your things have been gone through and your stuff is gone. That TV or game system gone. Your CDs and DVDs gone. That coin collection you have had since you were 7 gone. All gone taken by some scumbag. Yes you feel violated and you are pissed off.
You call the Police and it might take them 3-4 hours for them to finally get out to your house. When they get there they basically tell you tough shit. Most likely they will not dust for prints and the chances of them catching the scum or recovering your property is next to zero.. They will tell you: yup happens all the time out here, just part of living in Palm Bay. In fact this is the 3rd house I have been to this afternoon.
You should have had an alarm system. You should have had a safe or kept your valuables in a safety deposit box. You should not keep those valuables in YOUR house, especially guns. Why do you need firearms anyway? This happened to us about 20 years ago and the police officer said and I quote "thanks to you sir we now have firearms in the hands of juveniles". Yes thanks to me. I know the police cant be everywhere and I do not expect them to be. But that comment pisses me off even today 20 years later.Yeah thanks to me.
The punks who broke into my house were caught a couple of days later breaking into my neighbors house. I still remember the assholes names Arron Ray Spivey and Eric Albert Spivey Juveniles of course. Twin brothers with an extensive arrest record. Judge Fran Jamieson just kept releasing them. You can see what nice men they grew up to be by going to the Brevard County Clerk of Courts website. None of my property was ever recovered and I hate these bastards to this day because they stole from me items which never can be replaced.
Best thing I ever did was get a dog. I have had a couple over the years and they do the job well. They bark like hell and will scare away the average Palm Bay punk..
So you have been robbed and if you have insurance you have to deal with the insurance company, that's about as much fun as it sounds. They want proof that you ever owned the items, and they want serial numbers and receipts for everything maybe even pictures. Then you have to hope that your policy is not cancelled because of the claim. Insurance companies do not like FL and they don't like Palm Bay.

Vehicles are always getting broken into in Palm Bay. It happens right there in your driveway when you are in side maybe asleep. Again your told its your own damn fault because you probably left the car door unlocked. Its always your fault when some one jacks your stuff. The thieves are usually kids out in the neighborhood usually if your door is locked they move on to the next one. My neighbors and I agree if we ever catch the punks breaking into our cars its not the police who we call first. We are going to call each other. Remember this is all your own damn fault your things get stolen . How dare you leave a couple of fishing poles on your boat or the GPS in the boat. How dare your kids leave their bicycles outside in front of the house or a skate board or scooter. You are just saying hey come steal my stuff!!! Its a shame but its so true in Palm Bay.

These two were just busted breaking into a house in the NE section of Palm Bay

Now is the time of year when you have your Christmas tree up and the presents are starting to pile up underneath. Beware there are lots of creeps who want your presents under their tree. It happens so don't let it happen to you. Be careful and be safe after all this is Palm Bay.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Night When Palm Bay Did Not Suck

The Holiday parade was a success. The day started out with rain rain rain and it continued all day. Then late afternoon a few hours before parade time it cleared up and it turned into a nice crisp clear night. People started picking their viewing spots early and setting up chairs. The parade started a bit later then its scheduled 6 pm start time but once it got going the fun began. Before the start the police blocked off the Eastbound lanes of Malabar and BaySide had some carolers singing away in front of the judging stand.

Everyone was happy once things got going. The colors were presented at the lead of the parade.

Local businesses and clubs built some really nice floats this year. We had cheerleaders, boy scouts, cub scouts, girl scouts, ball teams, churchs and of course the Marching bands.

Once the parade was over and the crowds started leaving. The evidence of that Palm bay sucks was everywhere. Dispite the fact that the City had trash cans placed up and down Mqlabar Road Trash was strewn everywhere.

It looked like Washington DC after Obamas inauguration. Cant people walk ten yards to the nearest barrel?. And like I predicted there were no Ramadan floats and there were no jewish entries and everyone shouted Merry christmas and not Happy Holidays. Over all I would have to rate this years Christmas parade a success.