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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tis The Season

We are now in the Holiday Season. Thanksgiving is behind us and Christmas is just a few weeks away. The Big Palm Bay 2009 Holiday Light Parade "50 Years of Holidays in Palm Bay" is this Saturday Dec 5 at 6pm. The parade begins north on San Filippo Drive, then turns west onto Malabar Road. The parade ends by turning south onto Eldron Boulevard. The judges' viewing stand will be located at the Colonial Square Shopping Center. The parade steps off promptly at 6pm, so be sure to find a viewing spot early!

Remember the good old days? You know the days when you could call the Christmas parade, "the Christmas Parade". Now so that we do not offend Muslims, atheists, Jews, people celebrating Kwanza or anyone else we must refer to the Christmas parade as the holiday parade. By calling it the holiday parade everyone can celebrate happily and the ACLU or any other liberal organization cant bitch about Christians celebrating the birth of Jesus. We are safe from the law suits.
In reality haven't we already made Christmas a non christian holiday anyway. It has become a huge commercialized celebration where Santa Clause is now the main focus and not Jesus. But it is still Christmas.
During this weekends parade I doubt if the Muslims signed up to build and enter any Ramadan Floats, I doubt we will see too many Jews with Hanukkah or Chanukah floats and Menorahs will not be lining the streets of Palm Bay. I doubt that the Kwanza float will be blasting the rap and bringing up the rear. What you will most likely see are Christmas Floats and Christmas displays with endless twinkling lights, We will see reindeer, angels, elves, snowman, Christmas trees and Santa Claus. The bands will be playing Christmas carols and Christmas songs not Ramadan or Kwanza music. So why don't we call it the Christmas Parade and stop this political correctness bull shit.
Americans seem so afraid of offending some little hyphenated group of people that we are willing to give up with out a fight the customs of our culture.
It's a damn shame that the ACLU or some other liberal group is just waiting to slap a law suit on any town that dares to display a Nativity scene during the Christmas Season.

Some places of business are so worried about offending someone that they instruct their employees to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.
Do you remember the High School graduation ceremony that was to take place in a local church that graciously allowed the school to use for the event. An indoor venue dry and cool. A couple of people out of several hundred complained because there was a cross in the church. Can you believe that a cross. This complaint caused the school board to buckle under the pressure and the event had to be moved outside and away from that nasty church with the cross. Just because a couple of people were offended.
Why are we so quick to pacify every small whining group. Why are we throwing away our customs and changing our culture to pacify a few. Not Me! Merry Christmas!


  1. LOve the blog Nick so true. I will be going with my daughter! Hope to see you all there!!! and Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. nice blog and i saw the think you said about malabar cove.. lol i live there

  4. Just read your bog. interesting. you make some good points. with all the rain do you think the christmas parade will take place?

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  6. You are so funny...I love your sight and will be telling everyone to check it out!

    I wish I did my homework on Palm Bay before I moved here and if the housing prices go up again I will sell my house and live in a tent if that is what I have to get out of this God forsaken town!

    Thanks for giving me such a good laugh :)