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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Race Card

I am sure this post will generate some comments and more of the hate filled email some of you like to send. It seems that I must have struck a nerve with the my post about food stamps and what I consider abuse by many. What really intrigues me though is how the people who email me always call me a racist. It seems they can tie that in with any and all subjects when they disagree. It is typical left wing liberal behavior to pull the race card out when ever possible no matter what the subject, No matter what the truth is and no matter how many facts you present. So stating the truth I guess is racist. No where in the food stamp post was race identified with any of what I considered abusers yet so many assumed it pertained to African Americans. So who is the racist?
I received emails and comments concerning the post titled My Jamaican neighbors have a goat. Again I was called a racist. Why? Because I have neighbors have goats and they happen to be black so that is racist? Would it have been racist if the neighbors had been Caucasian and raised goats?
The post about the Jamaican and Haitian garage sale ladies also generated screams of racism. It was the truth that's what they do. The same story was reiterated by others so it was factually correct But I was being racist because I pointed out the behavior of some woman who happen to be dark skinned. By far the most hate filled comments concerned my opinion about the Hurricane Katrina Saga. The emails were especially hateful full of racist remarks. I believe that being called a cracker Mutha Fer is a racist slur along the same lines as the word nigger.How could I ever blame the poor residents of New Orleans for their plight? After all it was George Bush and a giant conspiracy concocted by the white man. Really?
I say Bull shit so I again I am accused of being a racist because I said that the morons who lived in New Orleans should have been better prepared. It was not like they did not have ample warning a storm was on the way and they might have been in it's path. Some how it was racist to say that thousands of people showed up at the Super Dome at the last minute with out anything and I do mean without anything not even a freaking bottle of water or a blanket. They expected the government to take care of them during a major hurricane in the same manner that they have become accustomed to. The City quickly fell into anarchy because suddenly the residents had to be responsible for themselves and had not a clue what to do except loot to get some free shit. Then they complained and played the race card because they were stuck in a City they should have fled days before the storm hit. Even the residents of Palm Bay know what to do when a major storm is brewing out in the ocean. And we are Palm Bay.
There is just too much political correctness and the refusal to report or comment on certain things because the truth might hurt the feelings or offend the very people it concerns. God forbid they are offended. They should be. Maybe if people felt a little shame and took some responsibility for their actions and were not rewarded for their irresponsibility Our society would be better for it. Instead of rewarding people by showering them with benefits, which others are forced to pay because of their irresponsible behavior. Like popping out multiple children when they have no way or intention of supporting their growing family fathered by multiple Dads. there should be some sort of stigma attached or some feeling of shame associated with receiving these freebies from the American people. Instead there is no shame what so ever. Its an entitlement. It is now just a way of life for many now. The Left says You should feel sorry for them because of their situation.
I did not get them in that situation. Who is feeling sorry for us because a big hunk of our paycheck gets taken from us before we even see it. We earned that money. We worked for it and the government thought someone else needed it more so they just take it or you go to jail. Just imagine if you got to keep just half of what they take. Explain that to my kids. I am sure I am a racist for complaining about that too.
The anti Obama stuff on the right side of the page brings out screams of racism also. You see if you do not agree with the president you are a racist because he is half black. Not liking president Obama has nothing to do with his skin color. I really do not give a crap about what color his skin is. What I do not like are his political beliefs and his radical beliefs. Unlike you Obama Zombies I know what the man has stated in the past and have read the words he himself wrote. His Racist roots are well documented in his Autobiographies. The presidents racist roots compelled him to make that comment on something he had no factual knowledge about during the Black professor and the white policeman affair in Mass. He went right for the race card. Something he probably learned in Rev. Wrights church or when he was stirring the shit with ACORN in his community Activist days. But everything was smoothed out over a beer in the rose garden. Did anyone else think that was a crock.
Many people speak of white guilt. I can not relate to the concept. Yes I am Caucasian but I feel no white guilt. As far as I can tell no one in my family ever owned a slave. I have never met anyone who has owned a slave, and I have never met anybody who once was or currently is a slave. I hold No membership to any white supremacist groups and there is no white robe or hood tucked away in the back of my closet. I tend to treat people for who they are not what color they are.

There are some people who make their fortunes keeping hate and racism alive in this Country. Jessie Jackson, Louie Farrakhan and the Rev. Al Sharpton make a nice living by stirring the pot and keeping the hate alive instead of focusing on the positive changes made in this country in a relatively short time.
In this great Country of ours there is one people that it is perfectly legal to discriminate against because of the color of their skin. The White Male. I think that's racist. White males can be discriminated against everyday all fair and by the law. Entrance exams, Qualifications for certain jobs and entrance to schools are lower for non white males so that people with certain skin colors may qualify. White males are passed up so that less qualified people can be hired, promoted or attend certain schools just because of skin color. People actually get bonus points on entrance exams and Civil Service exams just because of skin color. Now that is truly a racist policy.
There are many who still believe that this is the greatest country on the face of the Earth. People flock here from all over the world. People of color from Countries such as Haiti pile themselves and their families
into rickety boats risking their lives in hopes of landing in America. Because despite what you hear you can still make it here. I do not see people of African decent risking it all and flocking to Africa. The dark continent (no pun intended) is not a very pleasant place. It is a violent, disease ridden place full of poverty where AIDES is rampid and Civil wars and two bit dictators rule. Sort of like Detroit or Oakland but on a much larger scale. Warring tribes still keep the slave trade alive today.
The USA is not a perfect place, but we have come a very long way in a relatively short time. The only place you might see separate drinking fountains for whites and Blacks is in a museum display like at the Smithsonian.

We have a president who is half black, A supreme court justice who is black, a Secretary of State who was black man and a secretary of state who was a black woman and they were nominated by Republicans. But the Community organizers want to stir the shit instead of focusing on the achievments of these people. According to the so called black leaders these folks except President Obama who is half black just are not black enough. Why they are called Uncle toms and house niggers by Blacks. And of course Obama is the Messiah. Thats Racist>
You will not find any political correctness here on this blog I call them as I see them. The truth is the truth and facts are facts if the truth hurts oh well tough shit. When I get the negative emails from these mental midgets they can not get in two sentences before the racist! rant begins. Its like a drive-by shooting or a bomb thrower Boom and they are gone. There is never any substance to their argument and usually there is no argument or differing opinion just the name calling. I respond politely of course and hardly ever receive a reply back.
So if you do not like the blog quit wasting your time reading it. Start your own blog, or go surf the net. There are plenty of damn good free porn sites out there.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Honor Bestowed Upon Palm Bay 2nd Heaviest Drinking Metro Area in the Country

First it was Playful City USA and now its Drunk City. Well I guess we do not suck again because we just finished in second place out of the whole United States of America. That's right folks we are number 2 when it comes to Americas Top Alcohol Drinking Cities! Reno Nevada beat us out by a mere .3%. According to a recent article in U.S.NEWS and World Report a poll by Caron Treatment Centers, a not-for-profit organization for addiction treatment rates Palm Bay as the Number Two heaviest Drinking Metro Area in America. They define Metro area as a city with a population of 10,000 or more. I was rather surprised that we rated up there at the top or nearly at the top. But hey we will take any awards we can get.

I guess with all the money people are getting in food stamps they can afford to by more alcohol since they do not have to worry about buying groceries.
Are you as proud as I am of our City?

There does not seem to be a inordinate amount of bars taverns or other drinking establishments in town then most places.

I guess Palm Bayers just like to drink at home and on the road and drink alot. Is living here in Palm Bay driving us to booze? Is it that bad and depressing? You people keep telling me it is not and its a fine place and I should just get the hell out if I hate it so much. You people who email me must be drunk. This must be how people who live here cope with our sorry ass city. Your property loses most of its value. Drink!, Your car's front end falls apart from the shitty roads. Drink!, Someone breaks in and steals your stuff Drink! There is no where to go and nothing to do, Drink! The City raises your taxes again. Drink. You live in Madalyn Landings Drink!
How about we celebrate this honor with a drink. Cheers!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Damn this is a Great Country

This past Wednesday I was at the Kangaroo Express at Jupiter and Malabar the woman in front of me bought 2 bags of chips a bag of peanuts 2 Gatorade and a mountain dew. She paid for her purchase with a food stamp card. She then purchased a $20 Gold Rush scratch off ticket and 20 Power Ball tickets. She paid for this purchase with a $50 bill.
Recently at the Winn Dixie the woman in front of me paid for over $175.00 in groceries with a food stamp card and had 3 WIC checks worth of groceries. Then she whipped out the cash to pay for the two twelve packs of Beer and the other items she could not use her card for. Ten minutes later I saw her again at the Tobacco store next to the little Ceasers she had her nice Toyota Camry illegally parked with her two young kids inside she waddled in side where she had the Cash for 3 packs of smokes and she had to "play her numbers" and get a scratch off.
Does anybody else think this is a bunch of bull shit?
According to today's news 34.4 million people in America who knows how many illegals are now receiving food stamps that is 1 out of every 9 people. Florida had the largest increase in recipients. Average benefit was $133.65 in May per person. Obama's economic stimulus package enacted earlier this year included a temporary increase in food stamp benefits of $80 a month for a family of four
Now I know times are tough, the economy sucks and it appears to be getting worse. The U.S. unemployment rate of 9.5 percent is the highest in 26 years. And Brevard County is higher. But Damn if somebody has got the Cash to play $20 scratch offs and buy $20 worth of Power ball tickets Cigarettes and beer I think they could probably use that money to buy some freaking groceries. Instead of making the taxpayers pick up the tab.
People who are lucky enough to have a job and are working have to budget our grocery money tighter then ever now and I was watching those nice cuts of beef being paid for with a food stamp card it pissed me off because I was buying ground chuck because that's all I could afford.
I think a better way to run the food stamp program would be for stores to have carts already made up in the back. You would have the family of 2 cart, the family of 3 cart etc. In these carts would be the basic staples and generic brands of canned and dry goods. Bags of beans and Rice, Cereals etc. they could walk in swipe their card and wheel the cart out to their Camry.
Something else pisses me off too. When we apply for a job we have to take a piss test to make sure we are not using drugs. Once we are hired some of us are subject to random piss tests checking for drug use. Maybe these food stamp recipients need to start peeing for the government why should we pay for food when they are sitting home smoking weed watching Jerry Springer?
Its a screwed up system, there are many who truly need the help and will use it until they get back on their feet and find work once the economy improves. These people probably hated getting the help anyway but they have a family to feed. Then we have the leaches who have always abused the system and have always lived this way. What really sucks is that bitch will be the one who will probably win that Powerball