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Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Honor Bestowed Upon Palm Bay 2nd Heaviest Drinking Metro Area in the Country

First it was Playful City USA and now its Drunk City. Well I guess we do not suck again because we just finished in second place out of the whole United States of America. That's right folks we are number 2 when it comes to Americas Top Alcohol Drinking Cities! Reno Nevada beat us out by a mere .3%. According to a recent article in U.S.NEWS and World Report a poll by Caron Treatment Centers, a not-for-profit organization for addiction treatment rates Palm Bay as the Number Two heaviest Drinking Metro Area in America. They define Metro area as a city with a population of 10,000 or more. I was rather surprised that we rated up there at the top or nearly at the top. But hey we will take any awards we can get.

I guess with all the money people are getting in food stamps they can afford to by more alcohol since they do not have to worry about buying groceries.
Are you as proud as I am of our City?

There does not seem to be a inordinate amount of bars taverns or other drinking establishments in town then most places.

I guess Palm Bayers just like to drink at home and on the road and drink alot. Is living here in Palm Bay driving us to booze? Is it that bad and depressing? You people keep telling me it is not and its a fine place and I should just get the hell out if I hate it so much. You people who email me must be drunk. This must be how people who live here cope with our sorry ass city. Your property loses most of its value. Drink!, Your car's front end falls apart from the shitty roads. Drink!, Someone breaks in and steals your stuff Drink! There is no where to go and nothing to do, Drink! The City raises your taxes again. Drink. You live in Madalyn Landings Drink!
How about we celebrate this honor with a drink. Cheers!


  1. No shit. That's why the liquor store is always busy. Plus with the beer buzz vision it makes this shit hole look better.

  2. Hey who is the passed out drunk bitch. She looks hot in that thong.

  3. This cannot be a serious post> where is the link that verifys this. I know plam bay has its drunks but second in the usa I doubt it.
    The bitch in the white thong does look hot all passed out. Was that after Bay sides prom?

  4. You have to drink in Palm Bayu its the only way the woman look half way fuckable is when you are wasted

  5. man this city is such a peice of shit man people here are really pathetic why drink so much?? when you can just smoke hahaha but seriously we takein it out of hand

  6. Lmao! This is all so true ha