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Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Guard Tower Goes Up And Neighbors Rejoice

You drive past the place every day if you use Malabar Road just West of the Winn Dixie shopping Center You see The New Malabar Cove Apartments. Have you noticed they are constructing a Guard Tower. Thank You! We cant wait for the razor wire to go up next. This is awesome. Lets keep those people from getting out. It will not be 6 months before Malabar Cove will be just like another Madalyn Landing. We hope Madalyn Landing will be constructing a guard tower soon also. I know the neighbors will be happy. In fact they should put the guard towers up at all the Apartment complexes in Palm Bay. They seem to attract an undesirable element. Think of the all money and time the police will save. This could be the answer.
I do not know who came up with the idea whether it was Police Chief Berger, Mayor Mazziotti, Deputy Mayor Zonka or even Feldman the City Manager but it is a brilliant idea. Just Brilliant! It seems like a logical way to keep the trash in the complex from getting out and committing crimes or just roaming our neighborhoods. This may just help somebody's reelection bid or maybe even a step up to the Mayors chair if it was you Milo.
Some questions have to be asked though, Who is paying for the construction of these guard towers? is there enough money to pay for these? If you need a vote for the money to build more I am pretty sure it will pass, you will not even have to plaster the town with the bullshit signs like you did for the May 12th vote. The citizens are ready to help on this one. Who will be manning these watch towers? Will it be Palm Bay Police or do the property managers have to hire the armed guards? This Could mean some overtime for Palm Bays finest if they go private. I am sure our police officers could use the cash. . If you put the word out on the street and I am willing to help spread the news, you may get enough volunteers to man these things just from the Malabar gun club alone. Especially from the people who live near these apartments. This is cutting edge man. I am sure Mayors from around the County, the State and probably the whole nation will be watching to see how well this works. Its time to put Palm Bay on the Map again people. Mr. Mayor you had better get the suit dry cleaned because you just might end up on CNN or FOX News again. I have a feeling this is going to work and for the first time in a while you have the City residents support.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Milo Gets Mean

<--- Look at this guy. Do you trust him? Deputy Mayor Milo Zonka got a bit pissy at the last City Council Meeting. According to the Florida Today newspaper he locked horns with the City Attorney. Locked horns? Hardly. But Milo went on and scolded City Attorney Jim Stokes for, by some accounts almost 30 minutes. Its rather fun to watch the Mayor during these times. That look on his face like he was feeling embarrassed for, or felt sorry for the former assistant now the city attorney. Mazziotti seems lost up there some times kind of zoning out. And I hear that Stokes was pissed because he did not like getting his pee pee smacked in public. Come on Zonka all that hot air because Stokes will not, despite 3 months of asking and waiting produce a CityLaw report. Seems Mr. Zonka has been asking politely, emailing, phoning and asking face to face and on his knees begging for Jim Stokes to produce this report to no avail. THREE MONTHS! Don't you wish your boss was as patient about these kinds of things. Zonka was quoted as saying "I asked. I asked really nice. I asked with sugar on top. And I still didn't get it." Zonka has been getting the run around. Claims he can not do his job if Mr. Stokes does not do his. I am sure that's not exactly true is it Mr. Deputy Mayor. And where is the City Manager in all this? I thought Lee Feldman liked to manage. Lord knows the guy is always sticking his nose in everything else. I guess he was too busy raising fees for adult softball leagues. You really showed them. They all left Palm Bay for Melbourne costing the city $50,000 in lost revenue. That was brilliant. Have you ever gotten the run around from the City? Maybe for a permit or something its no fun is it Milo? Stokes did not like Mr. Zonka's attitude one bit, and complained that this whole thing was BS and found Mr. Zonka the Deputy Mayor Offensive. Mr. Jim Stokes The City Attorney was quoted as saying "I'm just telling you that if you ever say that I lied to you again, you better be ready to back it up with facts, sir, because I've never lied in my life. I don't lie in my professional career." What a Freaking Liar! An attorney who claims he has never lied. Everyone has lied, especially lawyers. I know Jim you are a deacon at St. Josephs and all, but Never Lied in your life. Who do you think you are Jesus. Isn't that pushing the truth a bit there Jim maybe...... lying.
The Fact is the City bought the City Attorney's office some new computer software to take care of these pesky reports and Stokes was whining about losing a clerk. That's who was most likely inputting all the data and doing all of the crap work in the office. Now stokes has to pick up some slack. Hey its tough times. Hope and change and change we can all believe in and all that. I think he finds this task beneath him. He feels he is better then that. Then why aren't you in private practice somewhere working for a big law firm. You are a City attorney for Palm Bay FL. There is no glory in that. Its Palm Bay man. Its Palm Bay, What the hell did you expect? Just do what you are suppose to do, or move on dude. They hired you another attorney make him help, delegate, just quit being such a whine bag and do what they pay you to do. Just input the data and generate the freaking report or have the other attorney do it for you.
I long for the good old days when Palm Bay City Council Meetings were an excellent source of entertainment. Never a dull moment. Citizens bringing buckets of shit to meetings, side bets on whether Helen Voltz would show up or not. Just some good times man.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 21,2009 Fathers Day. Confusion in Palm Bay

It's Fathers Day and unlike Mothers Day there is some confusion today. There are so many single moms out there with children in Palm Bay who just do not know who or perhaps where their baby's Daddy is.Jerry Springer and the Rest of the afternoon crap shows could find an endless supply of candidates for their DNA test Shows that seem to run hour after hour all day between lawyer and ask Gary Commercials. Mothers day is easy because the baby's momma has got the baby unless the dept of Children and family services has not yet removed the child. Whats really confusing these children is each of the kids in his or hers family has a different daddy and there may be three or four children in the house so on fathers day, someone or everyone is usually left out.

Over at Madalyn Landing today was really bad. Bewildered children wandering around not knowing where their daddy is, While their brother or sister is making a card for their Dad in a govt. paid day care. Over at Walmart and Walgreens it is usually slim pickings on Mothers Day for last minute shoppers. Not today They had a full stock of fathers day cards. There was no big group huddled around the racks tearing through the cards.
Maybe its time to start holding these fathers responsible for their offspring. I know it takes two to tango there but no one is paying child support so we have to pay up like we are the baby's daddy. Hillary Clinton was big on it Takes a Village to raise a child. I say bullshit it takes a couple of parents. Wow what a concept. When did it become so acceptable to have children when your just 15, 16 or 17 and then another at 18 and 19. Or just not be married and be a single woman popping out babys. I know we could not afford that when we were raising our kids. So we only had a couple which we paid for and we raised as a couple. Now there is even day care provided in our local High Schools that's how acceptable it is.
I know all of you bleeding hearts are saying its not the children's fault and I agree. But it never ends and it just keeps getting worse and If you liberals had your way the kids would have been aborted before they were born. Maybe its time to tie the tubes after the 2nd or 3rd. There is no outrage, and there is no shame, in fact its time to celebrate. You Ladies out there come to work and show everyone those pictures of all your illegitimate grand babies. Shame nah your proud as hell. that's just more money in the house. No shame just a proud grandma. That's our money you are getting. The people who work and live responsibly pay taxes. The Govt. takes our money to pay for your daughter's pre natal care, post natal care, formula, diapers, those WIC checks and those food stamp cards. That is how these teenage baby machines can keep spitting them out. While no one takes responsibility. The Guys were there for the fun of making that baby but that's usually it. Where are fathers? They were nothing more then sperm donors. How about taking care of your kids. And you Palm Bay girls try keeping your legs together. Happy Fathers Day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just Another Reason Why Palm Bay Sucks

Look at these pictures This is some of the Bull Shit you have to put up with in Palm Bay. You don't have to deal with it in Indiatlantic or Indian Harbour Beach. You might get some little wanna be punks doing some mischief but this is the real shit.

Recently I received an email from Mr. Anonymous telling me about a house in his parent's neighborhood that had been tagged or where graffiti had been sprayed on it by a local gang. So I went out to see it for myself on Bianca Street in the North East area of the City off Port Malabar Blvd. Not far from the Police Sub Station. As you can see in the Picture these punks really did it up. Little Bastards. Wouldn't you just love to beat their asses? The house is vacant and the gentleman who emailed me was concerned and wanted the City to get out there and paint over it. Good Luck my friend. What you and your neighbors need to do is get over there and do it yourselves. I know that sucks but I really think your wasting your time if you think the City is going to send out a crew. They are dreaming about bigger things like Minor league baseball teams and expanding the city Southward dreaming about a new development they are going to call Emerald City no kidding I am not making this up.
You said That your father was scared and your Mother is scared but the neighborhood is going to have to pull together on this one. I am afraid its the only way its going to get fixed. The only way to stop the graffiti is to wipe it out as soon as possible and just keep painting over it where ever it pops up. I do it in the southwest section of the city I have personally painted over graffiti on the side of Block Buster on Malabar and Kangaroo express at Malabar and Jupiter, various street signs and telephone switch boxes. Its a damn shame but you have to get it fast. or else soon you will see it everywhere. Then before you know it there are security bars bars on windows like South Fl.
Back to my emailer: These people live in this deteriorating neighborhood and have lived here for many years. Unfortunately alot of the homes are going to hell and many are rentals now. As you drive through the area you see older houses, but you also see the nicely manicured lawns and very well maintained houses mixed up with the "hoochie houses" and the houses that have gone to shit. These people are now afraid, living in fear in their own neighborhood where they have been for years. They just want to live out their Golden Years in peace. That Sucks and that's just another reason why Palm Bay sucks.
If you are interested in helping with this situation and want to help paint over it maybe we can organize a crew of citizens and go out there Saturday and knock it out in an hour or two It should not take too long. email me

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Smile ! You're On Red Light Camera

For those of you in Palm Bay who rarely pay attention to whats going on, Back in January Your City Council approved the use of Red Light Cameras at certain intersections throughout the City. Police Chief Bill Berger was so happy he had a Boner most of the day. He was planning a paraglider patrol campaign on red light running, where the Palm Bay Police would swope down on the offenders with their paraglider and write the ticket, but this will make things so much easier. No one has to be there, No Officer No Parasail just the camera. Flash and Presto! a high resolution photo of red light runner.
I must say that I do approve of the idea because of the assholes who continue turning left 3, 4, 5 seconds after my light has turned green. I mean its not even close. The two places that I see the most blatant disregard for the red light is at Palm Bay and Babcock and Malabar at the I95 overpass. There is a Camera at Babcock and Palm Bay and I am sure it will be a large income producer as well as the camera they have placed at Emerson Drive and Minton lots of potential cash here as well. .
I did say I approve of the idea but there are a few details that leave me wondering if this is just the beginning of something bigger. This is how it all works: The City reached a 5 year agreement with a Company called Gatso USA . Gatso USA is a subsidiary of Gatsometer a Dutch Company Their specialty is Traffic enforcement via video. Gatso USA is based in Mass. The 5 year agreement calls for Gatso USA to set up and maintain all of the cameras at no cost to the City. Wait the deal gets even sweeter. Gatso USA reviews all of the infractions on the video and forwards the pictures to the Palm Bay police Dept. for review where the police approve or reject the infractions. Then Gatso processes the approved violations and issues the citation to the violator costing the Violator $125.00. Gatso USA makes $30 bucks on the deal and the City gets $95.00. Hey Mazziotti and Zonka think of the potential cash flow here. You two have got to be licking your chops. Gatso Brags that in their 50 years of photo enforcement they have never ever lost a court case or administrative hearing. Pretty impressive. Yet you will not receive points on your driving record for these violations captured on Photo. Don't ask me why not, but you don't. If a police officer writes you a ticket you get the points. If its smile your busted on red light camera...No Points. The first six months of these cameras being in operation you get the "get out of jail free card" because all you get in the mail is a warning not the bill demanding $125.00. When people start receiving these violations in the mailbox for $125.00 they will probably stop running the red lights and it has been shown that there are a lot less accidents at intersections across the USA after the cameras are installed. If the City wants, Gatso USA will also monitor speeding through the intersection or reckless driving. That's the part of the deal I do not like. once they start where do they stop its like taxes they just keep squeezing and squeezing.
Around the country people have used these cameras for fun and games. High School students would photograph their teachers license plates Print out a picture, tape it to their plate and run red lights on purpose causing the teachers to receive numerous violations.They were eventually busted. And what if your sister in law or someone else was borrowing your vehicle and gets a violation why should you have to pay for their violation? What if a City Vehicle is captured on film? Do you think a violation will be issued?
Here's a list of the intersections where the cameras are being or are installed:
Palm Bay and Minton roads
Minton Road and Emerson Drive
Minton and Malabar roads
San Filippo Drive and Malabar Road
Malabar Road and Babcock Street
Babcock Street and Palm Bay Road
So be careful and quit running red lights. If you do not Run the light you wont get the bill for $125.00. It should make the intersections safer once the violators
start getting violations in the mail. But there is always some dick who never learns. They are the ones who will kill you or your loved ones.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Wave of Yankees And Some Californians Will Descend On Florida

In Case you have not been aware of what has been going on , There are a couple of States in our once great country New York and California, that are on the verge of going under, they are basically bankrupt. It seems that years of liberal control have destroyed these two power houses of the United States. Now the State governments will start taxing the producers even more to pay for the rest. People are fed up and moving out in record numbers. Many have decided Florida with no state income tax and warm winters will be their new home. I am sure with its cheap housing, fantastic golf course, and the promise of a Minor league Baseball team, Palm Bay has to be in their sights.
What scares the people who currently try to reside here is these transplants want to change things to the way they were "back home" when they get here. Well we don't want it that way.

Sorry to hear about your home State. I know it was nicer when your parents moved you there all those years ago. But for reasons you cannot quite put your finger on, it has gone down the toilet. Before you pack up your U-Haul, please read the following as it pertains to you.

The good people of Florida, Arizona, Washington, North Carolina, Texas and Colorado among others have asked me to ask you to sign this simple pledge. It would go a long way in making your new neighbors more comfortable about your imminent arrival.


I, the undersigned, have read and understood the following.

1. Many, many people have lived here before I came here with my enlightened concepts. As such, these people have survived smoking in bars, having chickens in their yards, owning firearms and occasionally riding motorcycles without helmets. I will acknowledge that these people - my future neighbors - appreciate my concern but wish I would keep it out of the town council meetings and other legislative bodies.

2. I promise to, at the very least, entertain the possibility that the policies I supported in my original home state contributed to its high cost of living (e.g. gasoline, real estate) and decreased quality of life (e.g. crime). With that in mind, I will show some appreciation for the low cost of living and the high quality of life which my new home provides. Furthermore, I will attempt to learn from my mistakes rather than repeating them out of some need for emotional fulfillment.

3. I acknowledge that, despite my noteworthy compassion, encouraging uncontrolled illegal immigration causes a breakdown in education, hospital and civic services which benefits no one; not the residents, not the legal immigrants and not even the illegal immigrants. I pledge to not make grand statements such as designating my new community as a “sanctuary city”.

4. Government programs, regardless of how noble they are, cost money. Therefore, before I advocate for all manner of social programs, I will ask myself if I am personally able to bear the financial burden for it and not expect “the rich” to pick up the tab.

5. I recognize that my new six bedroom home is part of a development which was recently a 500 acre farm. Furthermore, I understand that this development was made to accommodate growth of which I am part. I pledge not to develop a sudden zeal for conservationism after having “gotten mine” to keep the next 500 acre development out of my “back yard.”

6. I will note that before I moved here, the local population included minorities, homosexuals and disabled persons. Moreover, these various people groups integrated much better than I assumed. I will respect my neighbors by not fetishizing any particular identity group resulting in embarrassing individuals, polarizing communities and making an ass of myself.

(Your Name)


NOTE: With minor modifications, this form applies to Massachusetts, Maryland, and Michigan.

Here is a PDF format http://www.sixmeatbuffet.com/images/bluestateexpatpledge.pdf
so you can print it out and send it to your brother in law before he flees his home and makes his way down here.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mazziotti and Zonka's Field of Dreams

The City Led By Mayor John and the Big Zonka want to bring BaseBall to Palm Bay. Come on guys are you serious? According to you two the City was going to self destruct if the May 12 Vote for Higher taxes did not pass. Now you want to bring a Minor Leauge BaseBall Team to town and build them a nice new stadium and facility. What are you just going to pull the Money out of your asses? Or are you going to try to squeeze it out of Ours? No wait this is from Sugar Daddy President Obama in the form of a grant or some stimulis Money.
The City anxiously awaits the summer to see if the Fed will open its coffers and dump some cash in Palm Bay Florida for a BaseBall team. City officials, however, are in "ongoing discussions" with a Class A minor league baseball team about playing baseball in Palm Bay..
Having a professional baseball team based in the city would boost the economy, Mayor Mazziotti said. Right, and monkeys are going to fly out of my ass Mazziotti. Did you watch field of dreams maybe one too many times? Did you see the attendence at Viera this year? It has not been all that good, what makes you think people are going to come to Palm Bay. Maybe an afternoon of Golf at our World Class Golf Course The Majors then a baseball game after, then off to the Motel 6 just stimulating the economy baby. Think of the jobs, "peanuts get your peanuts" that will be $5.00 to park sir? Just where are we going to locate this BallPark? Where else BCC.
Mayor John Said "We were thinking outside of the box and thinking of what would bring in additional revenue,". "I approached the city manager and we are having ongoing discussions with the team now." Say Mayor how about a Hockey Rink or a Football Stadium or a Water Park or an Amusment Park Like 6 Flags over Palm Bay. Lets get the County to build something here they put up the Viera Stadium on our dime. What would create some interest in Palm Bay and Make Money?

Seriously A Race Track and Drag Strip would pull in the Crowds every Friday and Saturday night. People would come here for that. And that can be done without begging the Feds for the money. Try attracting that, Get some investors and let the privite sector do it.
You guys at City Hall need to worry about Roads and Drainage and quit dreaming about Baseball teams you can barely keep the damn little league fields going Thank goodness for the Parents and sponsors who do so much at Palm Bay West and East to keep those leagues going