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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just Another Reason Why Palm Bay Sucks

Look at these pictures This is some of the Bull Shit you have to put up with in Palm Bay. You don't have to deal with it in Indiatlantic or Indian Harbour Beach. You might get some little wanna be punks doing some mischief but this is the real shit.

Recently I received an email from Mr. Anonymous telling me about a house in his parent's neighborhood that had been tagged or where graffiti had been sprayed on it by a local gang. So I went out to see it for myself on Bianca Street in the North East area of the City off Port Malabar Blvd. Not far from the Police Sub Station. As you can see in the Picture these punks really did it up. Little Bastards. Wouldn't you just love to beat their asses? The house is vacant and the gentleman who emailed me was concerned and wanted the City to get out there and paint over it. Good Luck my friend. What you and your neighbors need to do is get over there and do it yourselves. I know that sucks but I really think your wasting your time if you think the City is going to send out a crew. They are dreaming about bigger things like Minor league baseball teams and expanding the city Southward dreaming about a new development they are going to call Emerald City no kidding I am not making this up.
You said That your father was scared and your Mother is scared but the neighborhood is going to have to pull together on this one. I am afraid its the only way its going to get fixed. The only way to stop the graffiti is to wipe it out as soon as possible and just keep painting over it where ever it pops up. I do it in the southwest section of the city I have personally painted over graffiti on the side of Block Buster on Malabar and Kangaroo express at Malabar and Jupiter, various street signs and telephone switch boxes. Its a damn shame but you have to get it fast. or else soon you will see it everywhere. Then before you know it there are security bars bars on windows like South Fl.
Back to my emailer: These people live in this deteriorating neighborhood and have lived here for many years. Unfortunately alot of the homes are going to hell and many are rentals now. As you drive through the area you see older houses, but you also see the nicely manicured lawns and very well maintained houses mixed up with the "hoochie houses" and the houses that have gone to shit. These people are now afraid, living in fear in their own neighborhood where they have been for years. They just want to live out their Golden Years in peace. That Sucks and that's just another reason why Palm Bay sucks.
If you are interested in helping with this situation and want to help paint over it maybe we can organize a crew of citizens and go out there Saturday and knock it out in an hour or two It should not take too long. email me


  1. How would it be the Cities responsibility to paint his house?

    It is a shame and those kids should have their ass kicked or maybe their parents need their ass kicked. I would like to see parents punished or heavily fined when their kids commit acts like this, might get them off the couch and involved.

  2. They should make the bastards that did this shit paint the house!