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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Milo Gets Mean

<--- Look at this guy. Do you trust him? Deputy Mayor Milo Zonka got a bit pissy at the last City Council Meeting. According to the Florida Today newspaper he locked horns with the City Attorney. Locked horns? Hardly. But Milo went on and scolded City Attorney Jim Stokes for, by some accounts almost 30 minutes. Its rather fun to watch the Mayor during these times. That look on his face like he was feeling embarrassed for, or felt sorry for the former assistant now the city attorney. Mazziotti seems lost up there some times kind of zoning out. And I hear that Stokes was pissed because he did not like getting his pee pee smacked in public. Come on Zonka all that hot air because Stokes will not, despite 3 months of asking and waiting produce a CityLaw report. Seems Mr. Zonka has been asking politely, emailing, phoning and asking face to face and on his knees begging for Jim Stokes to produce this report to no avail. THREE MONTHS! Don't you wish your boss was as patient about these kinds of things. Zonka was quoted as saying "I asked. I asked really nice. I asked with sugar on top. And I still didn't get it." Zonka has been getting the run around. Claims he can not do his job if Mr. Stokes does not do his. I am sure that's not exactly true is it Mr. Deputy Mayor. And where is the City Manager in all this? I thought Lee Feldman liked to manage. Lord knows the guy is always sticking his nose in everything else. I guess he was too busy raising fees for adult softball leagues. You really showed them. They all left Palm Bay for Melbourne costing the city $50,000 in lost revenue. That was brilliant. Have you ever gotten the run around from the City? Maybe for a permit or something its no fun is it Milo? Stokes did not like Mr. Zonka's attitude one bit, and complained that this whole thing was BS and found Mr. Zonka the Deputy Mayor Offensive. Mr. Jim Stokes The City Attorney was quoted as saying "I'm just telling you that if you ever say that I lied to you again, you better be ready to back it up with facts, sir, because I've never lied in my life. I don't lie in my professional career." What a Freaking Liar! An attorney who claims he has never lied. Everyone has lied, especially lawyers. I know Jim you are a deacon at St. Josephs and all, but Never Lied in your life. Who do you think you are Jesus. Isn't that pushing the truth a bit there Jim maybe...... lying.
The Fact is the City bought the City Attorney's office some new computer software to take care of these pesky reports and Stokes was whining about losing a clerk. That's who was most likely inputting all the data and doing all of the crap work in the office. Now stokes has to pick up some slack. Hey its tough times. Hope and change and change we can all believe in and all that. I think he finds this task beneath him. He feels he is better then that. Then why aren't you in private practice somewhere working for a big law firm. You are a City attorney for Palm Bay FL. There is no glory in that. Its Palm Bay man. Its Palm Bay, What the hell did you expect? Just do what you are suppose to do, or move on dude. They hired you another attorney make him help, delegate, just quit being such a whine bag and do what they pay you to do. Just input the data and generate the freaking report or have the other attorney do it for you.
I long for the good old days when Palm Bay City Council Meetings were an excellent source of entertainment. Never a dull moment. Citizens bringing buckets of shit to meetings, side bets on whether Helen Voltz would show up or not. Just some good times man.


  1. Mr. Zonka acted in a very unprofessional manner. This tirade should have never been unleashed at a public city council meeting where they wasted 30 minutes. A meeting should have been held in the Mayor or City Managers office where they could have aired out their differences and a solution could have been offered., Instead Zonka acted like an asshole and again the City looks bad. The City of Palm Bay lacks true leadership. It is time to clean house and rid our selves of these idiots. Is there anybody out there who can lead?

  2. You are right what a chump picture of Zonka. You have to admit he does have a cool name. But he looks like a slime ball and this was his picture off his own web site?
    I think he was right for giving the city lawyer shit but was the City Council meeting the right place and it should have been done like 2 months ago.
    The whole city government is crooked from the mayor to the building inspectors. The City manager is pathetic and the police are scarey.
    Hey Nick why dont you run for office?