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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mazziotti and Zonka's Field of Dreams

The City Led By Mayor John and the Big Zonka want to bring BaseBall to Palm Bay. Come on guys are you serious? According to you two the City was going to self destruct if the May 12 Vote for Higher taxes did not pass. Now you want to bring a Minor Leauge BaseBall Team to town and build them a nice new stadium and facility. What are you just going to pull the Money out of your asses? Or are you going to try to squeeze it out of Ours? No wait this is from Sugar Daddy President Obama in the form of a grant or some stimulis Money.
The City anxiously awaits the summer to see if the Fed will open its coffers and dump some cash in Palm Bay Florida for a BaseBall team. City officials, however, are in "ongoing discussions" with a Class A minor league baseball team about playing baseball in Palm Bay..
Having a professional baseball team based in the city would boost the economy, Mayor Mazziotti said. Right, and monkeys are going to fly out of my ass Mazziotti. Did you watch field of dreams maybe one too many times? Did you see the attendence at Viera this year? It has not been all that good, what makes you think people are going to come to Palm Bay. Maybe an afternoon of Golf at our World Class Golf Course The Majors then a baseball game after, then off to the Motel 6 just stimulating the economy baby. Think of the jobs, "peanuts get your peanuts" that will be $5.00 to park sir? Just where are we going to locate this BallPark? Where else BCC.
Mayor John Said "We were thinking outside of the box and thinking of what would bring in additional revenue,". "I approached the city manager and we are having ongoing discussions with the team now." Say Mayor how about a Hockey Rink or a Football Stadium or a Water Park or an Amusment Park Like 6 Flags over Palm Bay. Lets get the County to build something here they put up the Viera Stadium on our dime. What would create some interest in Palm Bay and Make Money?

Seriously A Race Track and Drag Strip would pull in the Crowds every Friday and Saturday night. People would come here for that. And that can be done without begging the Feds for the money. Try attracting that, Get some investors and let the privite sector do it.
You guys at City Hall need to worry about Roads and Drainage and quit dreaming about Baseball teams you can barely keep the damn little league fields going Thank goodness for the Parents and sponsors who do so much at Palm Bay West and East to keep those leagues going


  1. As for the race track portion, we have been fighting with the city for years now to get them to turn the Compound into a race track. City always responds with "It's too close to houses, it would cause too much noise" What, 2 miles out of the way isn't enough?

    Well, recently I was talking to a friend of mine who also races and he told me that a company is coming through with the city of palm bay to put more pressure for a race track.

    Think about it, it would take those silly ricers off the streets.

  2. yes a drag strip! we need to be racing legal. Where could said track be built

  3. palm bay is tooo stupid to realise this im pretty sure there is many more of us who would agree with a track being built here , the thousands of spect it would draw in and not counting the big name companys who help with the funding of the track

  4. My dad and all his friends were into drag racing. Jim Rathmann raced at the Melbourne Speedway way back when. Great Idea! All the car people. Why Palm Bay doesn't even have and softball teams playing in Palm Bay, Palm Bay was once THE place to play softball. So how much money of ours is being wasted on this study to bring in baseball? Gotta love that you don't have to go to Miami to see or experience corruption on such a GRAND level.

    No name...you bet the police are in the pocket of the Mayor and the city manager. There are 3 active lawsuits against the police dept. Let's get Lee and John in there too!

    Ever notice that no other law enforcement has anything good to say about Palm Bay Police. I have met some dedicated officers too bad they work for the corrupt Bill Berger!

  5. Given that Palm Bay has a growing Hispanic population (i.e., voters), perhaps Mazotti would gain their favor by naming his baseball stadium after one of the Hispanic baseball greats, Roberto Clemente, given that the initiative to name the new Brevard High School after Clemente failed.

  6. For the past 18 years I've filed complaints against palm bays code enforcement. And how has City Hall replied, with Police harasement,Police violating the privacy act, and the city mangement slandering my name. The city government has proven that not only do not care about the rights of the handicapped, but the safty of it's residents. Thay are indirectly responseable for a death of a resident on Abbott Av. And look the other way at fire hazzards. But what do you expect when the city tries to defend themselves in a lawsuit with purgery and hear say evidence. For breach of contract.

  7. Speaking of lawsuites lets inform the public of all the lawsuites that the City of Palm Bay has lost, and the much needed money thay've wasted defending their stand.

    1.) The il-legal Road tax.
    2.) Violating the practice of religion on private property by the cities Code Enforcement.
    And of course last and my favorite the Cities breach of contract involving the maintance of the old Palm Bay City Hall. Were thay tried to defend their stand with hear say evidence and purgury by city employee with the possible promotion to City Manager for his actions.
    And just think all the wasted money could have gone to the much needed cities road repair, with out further attempts of screwing its residents.

    by Palm Bay Code Enforcementde.
    3.) Dammages caused to private rental property due to breach of contract by City Hall.

  8. for good racing go down to willowbrook street north of deer run. 3 miles to nowhere and straight as can be. Land to the south of canal goes out to a landfill or dirt pit beyond that is the Marsh and farms. Perfect for race track