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Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 21,2009 Fathers Day. Confusion in Palm Bay

It's Fathers Day and unlike Mothers Day there is some confusion today. There are so many single moms out there with children in Palm Bay who just do not know who or perhaps where their baby's Daddy is.Jerry Springer and the Rest of the afternoon crap shows could find an endless supply of candidates for their DNA test Shows that seem to run hour after hour all day between lawyer and ask Gary Commercials. Mothers day is easy because the baby's momma has got the baby unless the dept of Children and family services has not yet removed the child. Whats really confusing these children is each of the kids in his or hers family has a different daddy and there may be three or four children in the house so on fathers day, someone or everyone is usually left out.

Over at Madalyn Landing today was really bad. Bewildered children wandering around not knowing where their daddy is, While their brother or sister is making a card for their Dad in a govt. paid day care. Over at Walmart and Walgreens it is usually slim pickings on Mothers Day for last minute shoppers. Not today They had a full stock of fathers day cards. There was no big group huddled around the racks tearing through the cards.
Maybe its time to start holding these fathers responsible for their offspring. I know it takes two to tango there but no one is paying child support so we have to pay up like we are the baby's daddy. Hillary Clinton was big on it Takes a Village to raise a child. I say bullshit it takes a couple of parents. Wow what a concept. When did it become so acceptable to have children when your just 15, 16 or 17 and then another at 18 and 19. Or just not be married and be a single woman popping out babys. I know we could not afford that when we were raising our kids. So we only had a couple which we paid for and we raised as a couple. Now there is even day care provided in our local High Schools that's how acceptable it is.
I know all of you bleeding hearts are saying its not the children's fault and I agree. But it never ends and it just keeps getting worse and If you liberals had your way the kids would have been aborted before they were born. Maybe its time to tie the tubes after the 2nd or 3rd. There is no outrage, and there is no shame, in fact its time to celebrate. You Ladies out there come to work and show everyone those pictures of all your illegitimate grand babies. Shame nah your proud as hell. that's just more money in the house. No shame just a proud grandma. That's our money you are getting. The people who work and live responsibly pay taxes. The Govt. takes our money to pay for your daughter's pre natal care, post natal care, formula, diapers, those WIC checks and those food stamp cards. That is how these teenage baby machines can keep spitting them out. While no one takes responsibility. The Guys were there for the fun of making that baby but that's usually it. Where are fathers? They were nothing more then sperm donors. How about taking care of your kids. And you Palm Bay girls try keeping your legs together. Happy Fathers Day!


  1. another great read! keep em coming

  2. Boy ain't that the truth.. The free ride needs to STOP! I'm sick and tired of supporting these unwed mothers and the "sperm donors"

  3. you hate everybody dont you? they sent all my moneys for bush's war in the middle east Iraq for oil. So what if they send tax money to feed baby and gives them medical care here in america you are a racist. My grandbaby and my girl deserves everything we get.I worked all my life

  4. I did not catch the racist part of the post can some one please point it out?

  5. It's funny, all I see for negative comments is race issues, yet this blogger never states a race or anything of the sort. Yet all you say is how racist he is. I think he hits the nail right on the head. This is going on by all races, so if you take this as racist remark, I am guessing it may be a guilty concious. Well good luck with all the child rearing.