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Friday, November 30, 2012

Its Holiday Tow Truck Parade Time Again!

Hey folks its that time of year again. On Saturday December 1 The annual Palm Bay Christmas Parade is happening. So get there early to get a good seat. You will see more Tow Trucks then you could ever imagine all decked out for the Holidays. Its one of those days of the year that Palm Bay dosent SUCK! The kids love it and if your lucky someone will throw some Christmas Candy, maybe a candy cane at you from one of those Tow Trucks. If you are really lucky a Chick Fil A coupon may land your way. Nothing Like Palm Bay for the Holidays.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Now That's a Tree

Its been a while since I last posted and I am sorry it took so long. You know how busy life here in the Bay is.
I was driving to work one morning a couple of months ago and I was on Babcock Street headed North right before Port Malabar Road when in the rising sun I notice this huge freaking tree. Now I know I could not have missed this tree all of these years, yet there it was a giant sequoia or Redwood right in the middle of Palm Bay.

As I made my turn and headed East up Port Malabar I could not keep my eyes off this tree. As I got closer I could see the crane and trucks underneath it installing this new Cell phone Tower or antenna shaped like a giant tree.
You have to admit it does look kind of cool. I bet the birds are loving it. It beats having to look at a big ugly tower. Its just West of the new palacial Fire House that is being built on Port Malabar Road. Check It out. Stare in wide wonder at Palm Bay's newest attraction.

I heard some rumors that the City may put up the Big letters spelling out Palm Bay back on the I95 overpass at Palm Bay road. They always would paint them according to what season or holiday was approaching. I always beamed with pride kknowing I was approaching our fine City. Ahh home at last. It might just be a rumor so lets not get our hopes up.
All I can say is Wow! I got a bunch of hits on my old hoodie post. I guess the Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman shooting tragedy stirred some interest in the hoodie. That stylish piece of clothing favored by thugs . It is amazing how racist African Americans

can be to caucasians like myself. They write such nice emails to me. How do you find that post to be racist. Its satire people. Look up the word if you dont know the definition. I hit on all the major hoodie wearers in Palm Bay. Blacks, Wiggers and Goth chicks so now I am a racist again. Lighten up people. Seems like everything is racist nowadays until proven otherwise. How Sad that this is what our society has become.
Look for a new post soon.