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Friday, November 30, 2012

Its Holiday Tow Truck Parade Time Again!

Hey folks its that time of year again. On Saturday December 1 The annual Palm Bay Christmas Parade is happening. So get there early to get a good seat. You will see more Tow Trucks then you could ever imagine all decked out for the Holidays. Its one of those days of the year that Palm Bay dosent SUCK! The kids love it and if your lucky someone will throw some Christmas Candy, maybe a candy cane at you from one of those Tow Trucks. If you are really lucky a Chick Fil A coupon may land your way. Nothing Like Palm Bay for the Holidays.


  1. looks like Nick uoset the niggers or the spicks. take your pick palm bay is full of both

  2. Nick you nailed it once agin. Palm bay as a whole is a joke. The niggers and the spicks have over run the town. Hell the cops cant even control it. So glad I left

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