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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Palm Bay's Green Acres

The breaking news coming out of Palm Bay is the Community Gardening idea. Its not a new idea its been around since the pilgrims first settled here in what was the New World. For Palm Bay though its a new idea. It seems like it caused some excitement throughout the town. That just proves what a horribly boring place this is. The whole concept caused quite the stir. The subject even made it to Bill Micks morning talk show on WMMB. Bill spent a little time on the subject. He seemed to think it was a bad idea to spend City money clearing the land or city labor to do any of the work. You all now my right wing leanings and I don't have a problem with it. This city wastes so much money on so many studies and other bull shit whats the big deal if they spend another grand or two.Besides Bill Mick you dont live here in our wonderful city so you do not get to vote.
The Palm Bay Community Garden idea would work something like this: The City has a lot of vacant land some of which is left over from when we got screwed by GDC. It was supposed to be used as parks, but do we really think that those will ever get built? Dream on. So they decided to start a half-acre garden on a six acre lot near Nemo Circle and Salmon Drive to see how it goes. people would get their own little plot to grow their own garden. The number one thing
I see wrong with this whole idea is that Lee Feldman the City manager is involved. This guy can screw up just about anything he is involved with. He can destroy a project faster then anyone.
Over all I say its a good idea. Letting citizens use land that belongs to them anyway. Getting out side in the fresh air and sunshine turning some soil and growing their very own vegetables. Of course there are the negatives besides Lee Feldman's involvement. The Citizens would form a board among themselves and set up rules on what can be planted, how the land would be fertilized and what pesticides could be used. Have you ever dealt with these "boards"
Someone gets a little bit of power and we have instant dictator

I have seen it in Palm Bay little leagues and even in scouts. Some old retiree that wants to be in charge and watch out!. And you know some neighbors will complain about the garden just being there. They probably complained about the lots being vacant.
Then of course remember this is Palm Bay so you will have to worry about someone stealing your tomatoes and cucumbers or trampling over your collard greens. Come on you know its gonna happen, You can read the story in the local mullet wrapper FL Today. It would say something like Vandals destroy Palm Bay Community Garden. Days before harvest someone smashed tomatoes and ran off with peppers, onions and pole beans. The vandals also knocked over fences and trampled rows of crops and pulled up plants. Police say it appears to be the work of teens. Its Palm Bay and that's how we roll.


  1. Hilarious photos as always.

  2. hey thats Mr. Green Jeans up there isnt it

  3. was the comment about the Jamaicans and the ham radio antenna really necessary??? It was a tragedy and was not funny asshole. You should be ashamed of your self.

  4. Another enlightening topic of discussion that I couldn't agree with more. When does the insanity end???

  5. I just have to say that feeding people would be nice, the food could be given to local food banks. Who cares who starts the garden, it will belong to the people. If people want to grow vegetables in their neighborhood, support them.
    I agree with the comment about the Jamaican Family who lost 3 members. This was a tragedy and very tasteless of you to bring it up. Have some heart and soul and spend some energy on something positive.

  6. My god man (the above poster) you sound like a communist spamming the word people so much.

    Power to the people! feed the people! people's republic of Palm Bay!

    Hehe anyway it is true that was rather distasteful about the 3 jamaicans. They could had been nice christian people or complete assholes but regardless is no laughing matter. If you lost 3 family members such comments wouldn't sit well on ya would it? Respect is a simple virtue that should be in all humans.

  7. Due to the emails (that made sense and were appreciated) and the comments, The reference to the jamaicans and the ham radio antenna has been removed. Normally I would not but it was insensitive to a family's loss and it is the holiday season.

  8. I gotta say this is the dumbest idea I've heard since the proposed baseball stadium. A community garden? What kind of communist city is this? Everybody gets some. But I must say it's only approate under Obama's regime.

    If this goes through, people will mess it up. Of course. Teens get bored and like to destroy things without considering how much work has gone into these projects. I know how that is. I deal with them daily. Then just like you said, some wacky scout dad or soccer mom will try and take the entire thing over ultimatly causing everybody to just forget about it and move on to the next insane idea.

    If you really want a garden of your own, plant one in your backyard. Your rules, your crops, your land.

  9. Teens... the scumbag of humanity if you will. Just look at the 14-20age culture/how many lil punks that think they know the world etc painting grafiti, talking about getting high as if they are cool,robbing (seen the news lately? buncha teenagers with guns and robbing)- did I mention this is where most scumbags of humanity are formed? - Saddest part of it all is every time I see them at walmart as if they are at Miami Beach in a disco or something.... that ladies and gems... it's very sad..

    Althought probably the scumbag of parent's fault, schools should had an ethics class at least... none do sadly. Noone teaches them the basic principles of a civilized society then how the hell can we expect them to be worth anything when their parents fail at the task?

    Everytime I see some 14-22 punk robbing or something makes me wanna punch their life's out and show them the real world. Yes I was a teenager once, but I wasn't getting some girl pregnant by 14 and aiming a gun at her dad. If only it was cool to be a decent student like those other admirable teenagers who end up been doctors/engineers/decent respectable hardworking americans etc etc.

    Hence to summarize, I agree with Thumper. Eventually some teen crackhead will come and screw things up because he/she thinks its /cool/

  10. it's large of you Nick to apologize for the jamaican reference and I thing you've gained some respect and admiration as a result. good job.

  11. Why do we need community gardens? Maybe for apartment dwellers. Homeowners have their own back yard. Apartment complexes can provide a patch of land for their renters. If the City has land that they dont use they should sell it and proceeds should be used for road repair. No City workers or a dime of City money should be used to pay for this project. The tax payers own that property not the City manager or the mayor or any other government lacky.

  12. I agree totally w/you! We should be LIGHTING-UP these DARK Streets, OF Home Owners that are paying TAXES of about $1400. to $2100. per year! This would be one way to AID in Fighting the Break-In Crimes & Drug Dealer/peddlers that PBPD refuses to handle or ADDRESS!
    You should be at the NEXT CITY HALL MEETING and get on the list to speak directly to mayor moron & his crew of worth-less board members. All that I can say is GOOD LUCK!