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Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Night When Palm Bay Did Not Suck

The Holiday parade was a success. The day started out with rain rain rain and it continued all day. Then late afternoon a few hours before parade time it cleared up and it turned into a nice crisp clear night. People started picking their viewing spots early and setting up chairs. The parade started a bit later then its scheduled 6 pm start time but once it got going the fun began. Before the start the police blocked off the Eastbound lanes of Malabar and BaySide had some carolers singing away in front of the judging stand.

Everyone was happy once things got going. The colors were presented at the lead of the parade.

Local businesses and clubs built some really nice floats this year. We had cheerleaders, boy scouts, cub scouts, girl scouts, ball teams, churchs and of course the Marching bands.

Once the parade was over and the crowds started leaving. The evidence of that Palm bay sucks was everywhere. Dispite the fact that the City had trash cans placed up and down Mqlabar Road Trash was strewn everywhere.

It looked like Washington DC after Obamas inauguration. Cant people walk ten yards to the nearest barrel?. And like I predicted there were no Ramadan floats and there were no jewish entries and everyone shouted Merry christmas and not Happy Holidays. Over all I would have to rate this years Christmas parade a success.


  1. What no sam the sham lopez and his terror group la raza?

  2. Proof this place is turning into another south floriduh. Welcome to the next sgit hole called palm bay.

  3. Great blog this time... Our family went early got a good spot and we loved it. It's really a lot of fun we will be there next year. As for the rain I was happy it stopped very nice night it was it actually felt like December!!! Really gets you in the Christimas spirit.

  4. I especially liked the middle school band! It was good to see you at the parade. :)