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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Well 2009 is a done deal and we welcome the new year 2010. Palm Bay residents closed out 2009 in typical Palm Bay fashion. Its been a busy week in the news. Over at Poolies and the Retro Room early Christmas Morning there was a big brawl requiring, according to police reports up to 24 officers to respond to quell the disturbance. At one point, police report, a crowd of over 100 people screamed profanity and tossed at least one glass bottle toward officers. Do these people not spend Christmas with their families? Police charged Paul Franklin, 25, with battery on a law enforcement, inciting a riot and resisting with violence. Sounds like the entire Palm Bay PD was there spending their Christmas at Poolies sending drunks home and bringing one to the crowbar hotel for the holidays. Typical Palm Bay behavior cant even behave on Christmas.
Our little section of I95 was like driving Talladega Superspeedway with numerous car accidents
between Malabar and Palm Bay road exits resulting in injuries and death actually there is less death at Talladega . I guess we cant really blame this one on Palm Bayers. People drive through I95 like a bunch of assholes and with all the construction its just the "big one" waiting to happen.
We also had the 69 year old Walmart greeter ass kicking contest that made the National News at our very own Malabar Road Wally World. Seems that customer 23 year old Palm Bayer Skyler Lowery set off the the alarm on his way out and the greeter followed him out side. You know that beeper alarm has pissed me off a few times but I did not think I could take the greeter in a all out fight. Anyway the greeter followed Skyler out the door. Skyler Lowery was not stealing anything he had a receipt but the greeter was relentless and Mr. Lowery came back in the store took the greeter's clip board and the fight was on. You can watch the video your self at FL Today's website the old man held his own pretty good for being 69 years old and taking on a 23 year old. Mr Lowery was also taken to the crowbar hotel and released on $5000. bond. He claims self defense. Watch the video and you make the call. Lowery would not comment directly on the case, but indicated there was more to incident than portrayed on the videotape released by authorities. He also said the store's greeter followed him out of the store and into the parking lot -- despite being shown the requested receipt -- and used derogatory language to call out to him. Lowery would not say what the words were. But I bet you somebody is gonna claim the "N"word was used. Maybe it was just a passing car blaring common rap lyrics. I guess we will have to wait for the trial.
We also had the "Desperate" Robber Pierce Elwood Collins, 49, of Palm Bay, could face jail time after Palm Bay Police said he confessed to carrying out two armed robberies over the weekend. Collins lost his job three months ago. He moved in with his mother on Saturn Street in southwest Palm Bay. On Sunday, Collins walked into an Exxon convenience store on U.S. 1 to buy a pack of gum. When he returned to his car, he found a knife and went back into the store and demanded cash the clerk initially rebuffed the armed robber, but the robber allegedly threatened to kill the clerk if he did not get the cash. Police said the suspect, whom they identified as Collins, was given a handful of cash before leaving in a gold car.Sorry about your hard times Dude especially with all of this hope and change going on but you cant rob stores.
About four hours later on Monday at the CVS Pharmacy at 1599 Babcock Street, police said Collins approached another clerk and pulled a knife demanding cash.

We had a Meth lab bust big news there. Palm Bay police discovered a methamphetamine lab at 111 Maywood Ave. near Malabar Road after they served a search warrant at the address. A lot of Police, guys wearing hazmat suits carrying out little cans of chemicals. This incident happened close to home and there were a lot of police there. Good thing nothing was going on at Poolies.
We also had some more little juvenile punks get busted for breaking into houses and cars. A burglary suspect who vowed to Palm Bay police that he would be back on the streets before Christmas has been ordered by a judge to remain in custody for the holidays.Patrol officers arrested the teen with five other juveniles during two unrelated burglaries Monday And as is so typical with these little bastards is a couple had numerous arrests on their record and bragged that they would be home for Christmas. Who and why do they keep letting these little pricks out of jail I say lock them up and make mommy and daddy pay some $$$$ maybe then they will take responsibility for their little juvenile delinquents. Or I say charge them as adults.
Then we have the dip shit child porn guy at the Palm Bay Road Walmart that is actually located in West Melbourne. This piece of human debris goes to nthe photo center prints some "family " photos and leaves before his pictures print out. The Walmart worker finds pictures of a ten year old girl preforming sex acts. Thank God they busted this creep Brian Neil Rozema, 36 from Palm Bay.
Finally the Palm Bay police got to use
the para glider this week. Some suspicious brush fires flared up in the beautiful SW area and the police got airborne. What a sight, breathtaking, Palm Bay PD airborne we dont need no stinking helicopter. Our Police air unit is the envy of the entire country.

I hope every one has a Safe and Happy Time ringing in the New Year and may you be blessed with a prosperous 2010. Happy New Year!


  1. Poolies is not that bad of a place. I doubt very seriously if 24 cops were on duty in Palm Bay Christmas morning yet alone all at Poolies Tasering people breaking up one stupid bar fight.

  2. Another excellent news wrap up. Happy new year!

  3. Lot's of exciting news Nick - too bad it is all going down here in little ole Palm Bay. Sucks to live here anymore....

  4. found your blog while surfing the net. Sounds like any other little shithole town in the south. Full of transplants who fuck it up. We have a shit load moving into TN from the NE USA and now they think they own the place good luck

  5. For someone who hates Floriduh Today you sure go by their police reports verbatum. And you are pro cop-glider? Cant wait till it crashes. Its the stupidest thing ever. Try flying that thing in an afternoon sea breeze. Oh by the way the cops in the hazmat suits did a great job of exposing the community by opening the buckets of toxic chemicals. Thanks!

  6. Ya know after living in so many cities across a few countries through out the years "ussualy stayed 1-2 years max due to job type" every place is the same with the same problems, peoples. Same old sad bunch, happy people, problems, good times, thiefs, drunk retards at 2 A.M. in the nearest open business etc. Infact I've seen it so many time that I can tell you that if you want to find the crap of palm bay "and I mean the SAD ones" go to malabar walmart around 2 A.M. thats the time when they feel badass and haven't fall asleep yet. So that'll be the 20 year olds in groups acting all bad drunk and high. Couple of trolls around looking for prey too.

    Those who hate their city/town should actually improve it instead of whine at it. Hate your officials? race against it, after all its a democratic goverment not a dictatorship, don't like em? Change em.

    I've been here for a while now (obviously not 25+ years like some more like almost 2 years) and all I see is the lack of good roads and lack of jobs for such a huge city. Who ever's idea to expand so much with just houses.... that person should be fired. Instead of buying so much more land to make more residential areas they should spend that money on residential roads. For christ sake you got the same roads from 60 years ago! not to mention you also need a helicopter for the police. They expanded this so much with half the place just empty lots that it just screams for a cop chopper to effectively patrol the area from the wave of BS that spawned from this bad economy. Compared to that paraglider thing.. is like comparing a real 20 ton bulldozer to a 2 years old kid's tonka toy bulldozer. Seriously how do you add fear to the criminal with a recreational vehicle? like don't rob someone's home because the mighty policeman with his skeletal flying chute will get you!.... does that even sound serious? Silly yes.

    Just a few thoughts.

  7. Oh I forgot to add, the only time I see police patrols is when there's a problem. Otherwise it's like there are no police in palm bay. At least a chopper will give that fear of the police been around (how else do you think the police work if not by "fear" into wouldbe/criminals? not with classroom police candy saying "say no to drugs kids!"

    Betcha I can speed in Filippo 80 miles an hour and nothing happens. 120 in babcock southbound after i-75 and they can't even read my tag(no I don't do these things but I'm giving an example of what I see)

    I mean seriously look at those 4-6 men that stormed that woman's house last month burning her face with oil where she was with the 7 other kids. By the time the police cars got there the criminals got away a long time if we had a chopper we could at least go faster and search the area/coordinate and possible had capture the sob's.

    But what the heck I'll get back to my happy life with only jehova's witnesses been the only strangers knocking at my doors every few months. Like I said, palm bay is just like any other place. You aren't in a worse nor better shape either. Although your problem is better solved with better infrastructure/police/more jobs.

  8. Is it me or does the PBPD para gliders shoot look like a port o rican flag?

  9. You all talk like palm bay is SOoooo bad and palm bay is the worst place to live or stay at.Like crime , drugs and break ins do not happen anywhere else. If you hate it so much leave. But no mateer where you go it's bad unless you have money and live in b hills. Which I know nobody blogging on this site is able too.

  10. chink spammer... wow damn communists

  11. You all blogging on here about how "Oh Palm Bay sucks I hate it to much crime." What the fuck! You don't know what crime is. We all have it easy . Try living in a different place worst. I grew up in the hood I should know . You all fl people make me laugh

  12. this is so silly. Palm bay is 10 times better and safer than orlando, kissimmee. Orlando is the worse in central florida. why isn't this blog attacking orlando or kissimmee?