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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All Of A Sudden Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas Is Concerned

Its an amazing turnaround for Democrat Congress woman Suzanne Kosmas. In a sudden change of feeling she now decides that President Obama's newly submitted budget is going to cost to much. Just as Democrat Senator Bill Nelson is Harry Reid's lapdog Suzanne Kosmas is Democrat controlled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's little bitch. She had no problem voting for any proposed bill such as the failed stimulis or the Healthcare bill. When Nancy calls Suzanne falls right in line lockstep. Nancy Pelosi could always count on Suzanne Kosmas's vote no matter what the people in her district wanted.
She is just as responsible as the president for the proposed budget and the high paying jobs that will be lost because of the Presidents lack of support for NASA.
Suzanne Kosmas and Senator Bill Nelson should also be held responsible for their votes on the rest of President Barack Hussein Obama's failed policies which they supported whole heatedly with much enthusiasm. Unemployment keeps rising, and the debt has exploded to an incredible amount which our children and our grandchildren will be paying after we are long gone. His policies do not work and all he does is blame Bush for everything
Now all of a sudden Congress woman Suzanne Kosmas is concerned and upset and does not support the budget cuts to NASA or the debt which was run up with her support and her vote. She was quoted as saying ``The president's proposal lacks a bold vision for space exploration and begs for the type of leadership that he has described as critical for inspiring innovation for the 21st century,'' said Kosmas.
Wow! those were some strong words of criticism . We are not impressed
Hold these two arrogant public servants Kosmas and Nelson responsible for their unwavering support for the failed policies. We need leaders who will not bend over and spread em for Pelosi and Reid and sell out the people they represent. They need to go. The sooner the better


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  2. You tell lies you obama is not the cause of the NASA program. What about the republicans who do not support education and becuase of obamas tax cuts it has helped us. GET over yourself. cry cry cry and whine. I know you are having a blast without your wife and family. How many women have you meant so far....? Nobody cares about your blogs anymore Nick. You are a VERY ignorant person.

  3. Wow. Lets examine the above clusterfuck of a post by Scott Leazott

    1)"You tell lies you obama is not the cause of the NASA program"
    Cant even understand what you are saying due to lacking basic sentence structure. I mean really....

    2)"What about the republicans who do not support education and becuase of obamas tax cuts it has helped us."
    Again, what the fuck??? Obamas tax cuts?

    3)"How many women have you meant so far....?
    The word you are looking for is probably "met". It makes much more sense to have a verb in this part of the sentence.

    4)"You are a VERY ignorant person"
    Well by the way you speak and post it is pretty obvious who the ignorant one here is.

    Mr Leazott please stick to posting about your belief in aliens and Ford Pintos that get 50mpg.

  4. You all seem to have an inner circle of sorts..... same job apparently. What industry you people work in? engineer/retail/hospital etc? where does nick's fan/haters come from o.O?

  5. Freshman Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, D-Fla., repeatedly failed to obtain an audience with Obama to discuss her concerns about cuts at NASA, a crucial agency in her district. But she got invited to the Oval Office last week when Obama needed her vote on health care. She has declined numerous interview requests from reporters ever since.