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Monday, July 26, 2010

OMG Does This Just Scream Palm Bay ?


You are going to have to read this first!


Oh My God doesn't this story just scream Palm Bay. Does it just seem like you knew it had to be in our City? It's just so typical Palm Bay. It is a tragedy because a woman has lost her life at the hands of her own family, but it is just typical of the kind of people that live in Palm Bay. I guarantee you the rest of the county read the story and there was no surprise. Palm Bay or Cocoa.
The best quote from the story:
"Not only did Ms. Fowler leave the scene, but the other individuals involved in this incident failed to obtain medical aid for the victim for more than 45 minutes," said Traffic Homicide Investigator Jennifer Cordeau.
Cant you just see them at the scene all F'ed up letting this woman a person they were with, the girl friend of one, the sister in law of the other, trying to figure out how the hell they were going to get out of this. What a group of morons.What a group of complete idiots.
And who the hell goes to the American Legion Post at 189 Veterans Drive?
Were they veterans? Who was the DJ. The guy must be a stud. Who was the bar tender? No one at the American Legion Post knew what was going on in their parking lot? No one could call 911 No one could call an ambulance. there was a donut shop right down the street. No cops? at a donut shop?
Its just typical Palm Bay. Sorry but the story amazes me and proves the Palm Bay stereotype to be all too true.


  1. A lady is dead and you think it is funny. You are a sick bastard.

  2. Palm Bay is worse than Cocoa. I mean Cocoa only has 'Niggas", but Palm Bay is loaded with "niggas", "crackas" and oh yes "ricans".

  3. Palm bay is a Shit Hole! White trash Lowlifes! And wanna be Gangsters! No one has a Normal personality!! Its More like SCUM BAY!!!