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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Palm Bay July 3 Independence Day Celebration Fireworks!

All I can say is Wow!! Another time the City of Palm Bay does not suck. The City held it's Fourth of July Celebration a day early. It had something to do with last years fiasco. Do you all remember that one? It rained and a wicked thunderstorm moved through the fairgrounds at BCC and ruined the fireworks causing the cancellation of the fireworks.
Not this year Baby. Any City in Brevard County yet alone the state would be hard pressed to beat the display we had this year. I wish my camera was not broken. Because The City totally had their shit together from beginning to end. The fire dept had a huge American flag hanging between two fire trucks It would have made a great picture. It was a very family friendly celebration and there wasn't even a need for dozens of police walking around. There was a steady drizzle falling for a couple of hours before dark so we were wondering if they would get a chance to even have fireworks. The band provided good tunes and the kids had a great time at the bounce houses and slides.
Believe it or not there were not any loud drunks and there was not a bunch of dip shits shooting off their own fire works . Right at 9:00 the Mayor and the City council was introduced and then a young girl who's name I wish I could remember did an outstanding beautiful job of singing the National Anthem and then the lights went out, and a 5 star Pyrotechnics show began. Great show, they really out did themselves. Then after the fireworks ended the police had their shit together. Traffic was moved out of there in a most expedient manner. They moved traffic right through the major intersections. No big traffic jam. Overall the whole City did a fantastic job, Police, Fire, Parks all city employees did a great job Thank You Palm Bay. We had a great night. Its nice when Palm Bay does not suck.


  1. Sounds like Nick has gone soft on us. No posts for months now a Palm Bay does not suck piece. Where is the angry dude who hates palm Bay??

  2. We went to these fireworks it was Okay but come on it was not that great. And I do not know where you were at, there were cops all over the place.

  3. Saw some dillhole insult Feldman in front of his family. Made his little girl cry.

  4. Wow.....Someone always has to bitch about something. The fireworks were good and the stuff they had there for the kids were fun. My kids had fun despite the rain. I mean what did you want??? And yes so what if their were cops??? If something did happen they were there. Grow up to the person above. I would hate to see you everyday and live with you damn.... And I like this Nick better then the other one:)

  5. Im so glad I left that shit hole for a better place to live. Palm bay needs the arsonist back so he can finish the job at hand. burn down that shit hole.

  6. LOL, I have to say this website made me laugh, it's full of humorous hatred, but at the same time I am thinging WOW, you are really down on Palm Bay. Well I live in Palm Bay and am very happy. If Palm Bay sux so bad for you I don't understand why you won't get out.
    With the low prices on buying or renting now you can afford to move to where your heart is. As far as Obama goes, he is full of _ _ _ _ for the whole country not just Palm Bay.
    Well, I hope that in reality you really are not this unhappy for your sake, I hope it is just your sense of humor.
    All the best. Tracey.

  7. Oh, to the guy above, in order for you to consider Palm Bay Whoreville, this must be because you have slept with alot of women (or men? depending on your sexual preference?), this kind of comment would come from experience, So,,, who is the whore? a man can be a whore, not just a woman.

  8. Palm bay does suck. Very much. Huge penis it consumes. I hate living here. I've been here since I was 11 and my parents regret accidentally coming to a shit hole. We have been forcefully stuck here for years. And there's no getting out now, well... Them at least. Fuck palm bay !!! Everyone's either a doush, whore, thugs, or complete assholes. %90 of the population here takes a shower maybe twice a week. Look at everyone's teeth in palm bay. All brown and Shit from smoking too much weed. Palm bay has nothing to offer anyone. My parents regret coming here, and are willing to help me go somewhere to regain the waste of life this city has brought me. P.s. men can be whores yes. But that's only of they TAKE penis. If you give it, your not a whore your just a giving person . Women " palm bay girls ". Are whores because they must have a 6 inch in their daily routine. Friends and family are usually invited to their turkey stuffing. There's always room for more in a palmbainian girls unmentionables . Sincerely, God.