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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Judging from the onslaught of the hate filled name calling and I hate your guts emails I received ,I figure this town has got to be a total dump if a blog about wearing sagging pants causes such a shit storm.
I would like to ask yet again how the hell was that a racist post? I did not criticize Blacks at all for wearing there britches down low. I just made an observation and said I found it amusing and comical. I even researched the true beginnings of the fad. I did however give crap to the white boys who participate in the fad because I think they all look even funnier. All "wiggers" look funny to me. Don't you think Black folks think "wiggers" are funny? Think about it. White boys strutting around calling each other nigger and grabbing their crotch saying " Know what I'm saying" after every sentence.
I am so tired of all the racist bullshit that gets thrown my way. You have no idea. I judge everybody the same. Color is not the first thing I see. I don't care if you black or white if your stupid, well your stupid.
Another thing that seemed to get under one particular emailer's skin was this statement I made in the low pants blog. It read: Sadly a large percentage of black men end up doing some time in either a jail or a prison and brought the fashion statement home to the hood with them when they got out. Well excuse me! It is a fact. That means it is true, look it up. That's one thing I just have a hard time with. People who get all upset and get their panties all in a wad and calling me all kinds of racist names about the facts. The facts are facts, and the truth is the truth, and if it hurts, tough shit it is the truth. You can not argue the truth. If you cant argue the truth you resort to the name calling and as always it is the same tired accusation. That you are a RACIST. If You don't like the president you are a RACIST. I still say its the people of color who are the biggest racists. Because of the double standard we have. Things like Miss Black America. If we had a Miss white America, it would be racist. The BET network, if we had a White entertainment network it would be racist. United Negro College Fund is OK, But The United Caucasian College fund would be racist. NAAC Perfectly fine NAAWP Racist. All Black Colleges are fine. An all white college is racist. The list could go on and on. I just think the sooner people get over it and just be all Americans things would be so much better.
But then how would people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton make their millions?
Then there are the Democraps who find it just terrible that the right side of my blog page is disrespectful against the president, their Messiah the 44th President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama II aka Barry Soetoro. Somehow they feel it is unAmerican? Really have you ever read the constitution? Things have gotten worse not better since the Messiah was elected and took office. Stop blaming Bush and realize you assholes who voted for him made a mistake.
Just about every email I received this week was pure hate. I guess that means you are reading this crap and some of you come back for more. Just remember it is a blog from someone who lives in a crappy little town in Florida .
Do not take it so seriously. If it makes you feel better spewing your hate then keep it up. If it offends you that much, well good then that means I got what I wanted.


  1. I do not hate you. I do not hate anybody.You are the one who spreads hate along with a bunch of your comment posters. I just think you are a racist asshole. What do you acomplish with this blog? Spreading racisim

  2. All you idiots sending the hate mail.......its an opinion....if you dont like it....dont go to the page! It really is that simple.

  3. I love this blog- Palm Bay REALLY does suck ass! My car got robbed-stupid cockfuckers!!!

  4. Calling someone a racist is an easy cop-out for someone who doesn't have a good arguement against the truth.

  5. I love your blog - just wish you would update it more often. There's alot more wrong with Palm Bay (and surrounding towns) that isn't being revealed. Your blog is not only insightful but is done in a humorous way that goes over alot of these idiots heads. Keep on blogging!

  6. Get real people! This isn't really news to you is it? It's time that the Republicans take over the house and senate and kick your nasty asses. We never wanted you in office and completely object to your idiot President, who had no clue in what he's doing other than taking every option to protect the assholes on public aid!!!

  7. Keep blogging, Palm bay sucks

  8. I agree with your post. You're absolutely correct. The hate mail is probably from little white girls who date black guys and from wiggers. Blacks don't care, I actually never had a confrontation with any blacks living in Palm Bay, it's mostly been wiggers that I've thrown down with, unedu-macated white boyz trying to be durrrty durrrty.

  9. This blog is truth, truth done with humor, and that, my friends, is a real talent! Keep up the great work!