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Friday, May 1, 2009


When you came home today was your house broken into? Its just one of the many pleasures of living in Palm Bay FL. You have to worry about some punk or Meth head breaking into your stuff when your hard at work.
We have alot to be proud of in Palm Bay We have the worst streets or Roads in The whole State of Florida admittedly it has gotten better over the years but still has got to rank near the top.
I kjnow we have got to be way up there when it comes to Property values crashing. I bet at least 20% of the houses are for sale or being forclosed on.
We are home to some of the trashiest white people in the USA . It looks like a Jerry Springer reunion when you venture to the nearest shopping Center especially if Winn Dixie or Walmart is part of the equation. Have you ever seen so many bad tattoos and mullets, mixed race babies, boxer shorts up pants down.
We have got to put a picture gallery up here so you know I am not making this crap up. Theres a Jamican or Haitain family on every street that has a goat or chickens running through the back yard.
We have the big Boom BOOm car speakers with the rims that cost more then the piece of crap car.
Sometimes its hard to find an English speaker if you hit the Big K after Church on Sunday.
There are more people moving up here from South Florida with New York accents then you can count. You can see them with their NYRican window stickers or the little flag hanging from the rearview.
Palm Bay a Single Mother hot bed. Many a Single mom with kids from different daddy's trying to get you to be the positive role model at the little league games or the scout meetings while they run off for an hour or two with whoever their next babies daddy is.

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