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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Homos in the Parks

First of all I am not homophobic and I hold no personal grudge against Gays they can do what they want but not out in our Public Parks
It seems that now our city parks attract Homosexuals. They find it a nice place to hook up and suck a dick or get their dick sucked. Castaway Point is busy place once the sun starts to set. Old men seem to be drawn to the place and they are not fishing but they are trolling. Its a damn shame because The city actually fixed the park up nice, but why would you take your family to a place where used condoms and empty tubes of KY litter the woods. The Palm Bay PD bless their souls did a sting operation out there not too long ago and caught a bunch. These are married guys some of them? What must their wives think. By putting the pressure on Castaway Point the fags have moved down to Turkey Creek just up the road a piece.
Then there is the New Park at the place where they are supposed to Flood at the very west end of Malabar Road. Its Meat smoker Central I heard but not verified it that the gate is now padlocked because too many pole smokers were finding the place I nice spot to have casual meet me in the bathroom sex
So just another Palm Bay benefit Homos in the Parks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsZNUvYLho4


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  3. So THIS is why my favorite snake watching is closed after dark????? And I dont mean the one eyed snakes. God I hate these fucking pole smokers. Why the parks??Why? Why ruin it for normal people taking their kids there?

  4. nevermind the married str8 men picking up crack whore prostitustes off of us1 sitting in there car in open daylight getting head which ive seen many times down there! Sit in your car 5 min there and you get homeless people begging u for money and offering sex acts for change. I was offered head for 3 bucks by some skank chick there. oh yeah this is palm bay we hate gays lets keep the crack heads and prostitutes and homeless there. but if 2 men decided they want to go back to there place for sex they get arrested and charged! wake the fuck up people!

  5. Did this author/blog have a point?

  6. Homophobic means you're afraid of queers. You don't have to be afraid of them to object to them having sex in a public park where people bring their children. So he's not a homophobic asshole, Nick, he just wants his town to be a decent place to live. If they want to swallow sausage, take it to a motel. I'm happy to see that you, Nick, took the schlong out of your mouth long enough to post a comment.