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Monday, May 11, 2009

MAY 12th is here VOTE!

The day has arrived and unfortunately hardly anyone is going to show up to Vote. May 12 is the day we Vote on the Palm Bay WORKS Referendum. The City Fathers are hoping that you do not show. That's a fact. The Mayor and The Rest of the City government all the way down to the guy they pay to drive around on the weekends pulling up your garage sale signs all want you to stay home! They figure the lower the voter turn out the better chance the referendum gets passed.
Florida today the local mullet wrapper, bird cage liner, endorses this referendum and urges you to vote yes. That alone should scare you enough to Vote No. The paper is nothing more then an expensive liberal rag that is now barely enough pages to wrap a decent sized mullet. The editorial board loves taxes and I cannot remember them ever going against a tax increase.
Now think back if you have lived in Palm Bay to remember when the government of Palm Bay came to us a swore up and down if we voted for the last road bill our troubles would be over and our roads would be fixed. We all sucked it up and voted yes because we knew things were so bad we would do just about anything to get the roads fixed. A few potholes back then were big enough to swallow your whole car. I guess they did not quite fix everything a lot of what they did fix is ready for repaving. Now if we vote for an average $80.00 per year tax hike the road fairy is going to come back to town. For years we paid the highest millage rate in the County. Where is all this money going? There was some big bucks collected over the past few years during the Boom did it all go to BaySide?
This Bill is not just about Roads either as they will have you believe. There are incentives for business to come to the City. All of a sudden we are going to be business friendly?
This is the First and probably only time I will ever agree with Samuel Lopez, who heads the Florida Puerto Rican/Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and United Third Bridge, a community organization. He says vote NO!. But Sam votes no for an entirely different reason. Sammy thinks his Messiah Barak Obama is going to come to the rescue and shower Palm Bay with Stimulus money. Sam doesn't realize where that money comes from he just thinks its from the Government . I figure we are getting screwed already federal Tax wise so I agree with Sam the Puerto Rican Dude. Let Obama shower us with Stimulus cash. Hey Mr. President fix our roads, Pay our mortgages! Pay for my medical care , Pay for my credit card bills. Please President Obama Palm Bay needs a bailout! As far as Mr. Lopez's other claim that it would hurt people on fixed incomes I am tired of that old worn out excuse. Damn I wish I had a fixed income. Why is their income Fixed retirement, Social Security? I lost half my retirement and I doubt if I can retire until I'm about 80 and every week the Govt sucks more money out of my check for Social Security that I probably will never get to collect so as far as your fixed incomes Tough Shit! Go bag groceries at Publix and supplement your fixed income.
We have a lobbyist who earns $60,000 a year from our taxes Ronald Book, He was so touched and so concerned about Palm Bay that he sent the City a check for $2,500 to help in the effort to help get this Bill passed. Palm Bay Deputy Mayor Milo Zonka even opened his Businesses check book and forked over $1,500 I am telling you they want this thing to pass.
here are some of the outrageous claims JOBS 1,638: Jobs Palm Bay leaders claim "Palm Bay Works 2009" will create 557 : Direct construction jobs 262 : Indirect jobs in supplier industries 819: "Induced" jobs resulting from purchases by the workers . Can you figure those numbers out? Can you believe this Crap? The City is going to Hire 557 construction jobs? Don't they bid these jobs and established Companies with the equipment and employees win. They come in and work then go home on the weekends.But wait the City says you have to hire a % of Palm Bay citizens. So if you work for Bob's Road company and your living at the Motel 6 on Malabar Road are you a resident? Like the never ending Construction work on Palm Bay Road? they go home on the weekends. Wheres home not Palm Bay. 262 Indirect jobs in supplier industries? What are asphalt companies and stores that sell orange cones going to spring up all over town? 819 jobs created by the money the new 557 and 262 people are going to be paid? Why that equals 819 so these new 819 workers will be able to support another 819 workers on the purchases they Make. Its total Bull shit and they know it.
They just want the $75.2 million because then a lot of backs are gonna be scratched with our money. $4.7 million just to issue the bonds. Then who's buddies are going to be getting what contracts. What exactly is $13 million for Economic development programs? What kind of programs might these be? Are we going to further develop the West Melbourne side of Palm Bay Road . Isnt there enough traffic. How much does West Melbourne make at our expense due to our City Governments ineptness?
My Solution.
Alright Mazziotti and Zonka here's my solution to this whole mess. Instead of Paying Mr. Book the Lobbyist his $60,000 for his salary for all the fine work he has done. Buy 60,000 PowerBall tickets the Jackpot is up to $125 million You win that and we are on Easy street baby! You can fix all the roads buy a couple of fire trucks, put some side walks in , some street lights and build another world class golf course and have a shitload of money left over


  1. I wouldnt say Palm Bay Sucks, I'd say as a city counsel/govt they cant spend our $$$ Properly. I can't really understand why we dont have some sort of DEDICATED tax for roads on our property taxes already? GDC failed what 30 years ago.. And theyre still messin with roads. For all the years Mazziotti has been Mayor, He's gotta go, But yet no one ran against him last election. I Puzzled at that.

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  4. you are truely a pompus asshole. I'm certain you are proud of your membership in the, let's evolve back to the 60's where Ni@@er$ new their place, Tea Party.
    George W. Bush increased Government only second to Linden Bains Johnson.
    George W. Bush lowered taxes for anyone making over 250k twice while in office and RAISED taxes for middle and lower income families 6 times while in office. When will you conseratives get is straight? I guess you can't trust facts reported by your Government either hu? www.FACTS.gov The only thing we do agree on is our Republican representives in the city council has stolen enough of our tax money. Tom from Palm Bay

  5. The problems we face will not be solved by the minds that created them. Albert Einstein

    Tom for Palm Bay