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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Furniture On the Front Lawn

Why is it that Blacks like to drag their furniture out to the front lawn or the driveway and sit out there. I am talking lazy boys. Sofas and I have even seen a complete dinette set. What is the reason for this? Is it to show everyone yo I live here in this neighborhood and I gots furniture? Even stupid rednecks will have the BBQ in the back yard like the rest of us normal Palm Bay homeowners. Why drag a couch to the front yard and then sit out there sipping on a quart of malt and talking on the cell phones while the little ones run around the sprinkler. That's what your backyard is for. Cars with the nice rims out front and a regular gathering on the front lawn. This is not isolated to just one house, drive around on a weekend and you shall see. You might have thought it was a yard sale but they are just chillin. Front door is usually wide open with the music coming out competing with the three cars out front Boom Boom Boom
Then they drag it all back inside. pretty strange dude

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