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Saturday, May 23, 2009

This Memorial Day Weekend Take A Moment and Honor Our Fallen Heroes

Monday is Memorial Day in the United States, the day set aside to honor our fellow Americans who have given their lives fighting for the very thing we cherish the most, our freedom.

Sometimes its hard to take the time to reflect on what these brave Americans did for us. We get caught up in trying to make a living in this economy trying to get the kids to baseball practice and school functions. We are a busy society we always have places to go and things to do. Our generation I think lacks the appreciation of generations past. We have to be reminded because that's how good we have it
You get a three day weekend and you just want to relax spend some time on the water have a picnic or BBQ. You just want to kick it back for a few days. Spend some time with your family.

Right now there are two wars going on and there are people who have lost sons and daughters, husbands and wives, Fathers and Mothers and sisters and brothers. These people have lost someone who made the ultimate sacrifice for us. I know its hard to remember when we have Congressman like Democrat Jack Murtha call our soldiers and Marines Murderers and Democrat Senator John Kerry refer to them as terrorists or Democrats Senator Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi declare defeat in the middle of a war. Even our Democrat President the Chosen one, Barrak Hussein Obama claimed they were just over and I quote "just air-raiding villages and ... that's right...bombing civilians and air raiding villages"
This is when you should thank the families of the people who gave so much for us because they loved our country so much as to give their life for it. Many many have fought and died for the United States of America and the heroes of past wars and conflicts seem to be quickly forgotten as some in this country would like to rewrite history. These were the Men and Woman who fought to preserve our way of life our Freedom our Country.
There is nothing as a people that makes Americans different Then the rest of the world.
We all have the same DNA We all climbed out of the same Primordial Slime. Yet Americans in a matter of 200 + years became the most powerful, richest, and generous people on the face of the Earth. We have lost many so that others may also live free. We have the highest standard of living in the history of the world. Our poor people are the fattest richest poor people in the world. What made us different was our Freedom, Our Liberty, Our ability to pursue our happiness and enjoy our God given rights. People come here everyday legally and illegally risking everything they have trying to be part of the American dream.
Over our short History as a Country, Men and Woman have been willing to die for that Freedom and to make sure we had that Liberty and Freedom. That makes the United States of America the Greatest Country on Earth.
So take a moment this weekend to make sure your children know what Memorial Day means. I doubt if the Public schools teach them the meaning. Reflect on the Cost that was paid by many many men and woman and families so that we could live in a Free America. Remember what they gave. Its hard to realize that they did it for all of us.
Proudly Fly your Flags and honor your fallen Heroes, for they deserve to be honored. They died for us to keep us safe and to keep us Free.

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