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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Palm Bay Works Referendum May 12,2009 VOTE

Well here it is the City is begging for more of our money. Mazziotti Your such a Big Barrak Obama Fan, Go to Washington DC and beg President Obama for some of that stimulus Ca$h. I think this referendum stinks. This City can not be trusted any more. We sure needed that freaking Golf Course the Majors, its a loser. You spent enough fixing up Bayside and ignored the rest of us. You, meaning the City government screwed us over with the GDC deal, screwed us again with the last road bill that was supposed to fix everything . The city voted for it. And we got some pretty trees in the Median.
Now its time to fix those roads again and fix the ones that have not been done yet? Then take 30 years to pay off roads that wont last 20 years at the most. No I say no way this time. NO!!!!!
Then because you were so unfriendly to business they build on West Melbourne property, tax us extra to shop there, and what does Palm Bay get No tax revenue just a shit load of more traffic. Its time for a rant Palm Bay doesn't get crap from the County either we have the biggest population and Our City Government lets the county treat us like little bitches. We don't get jack from Brevard county. How many years did it take for the park on Malabar road to get built? All it does is attract more traffic on an already clogged Malabar road with mommies and daddies driving their little soccer players back over to the beach side.
No way Mazziotti no way City Council you have not shown you are worthy of more of our tax money! The last 5 years were a boom in Palm Bay housing prices were way up and homes were going up everywhere generating a butt load of money where did it go? To put up some fancy looking street lights in Bay Side while the rest of us have none. To subsidize that golf course which was not supposed to cost us anything?
Why is the City Workers Union pouring so much of their cash into this race? A few more shovels to lean on. You already screw us with permit fees up the ass, then you never inspect anything. You practically need a permit to wipe your ass in this town. You are just squeezing more and more. I say this is enough. The reason Palm Bay lags behind other cities is because we suck. Our City Government has sucked for years. It sucked with Deveki it sucked with Mel Broom and it sucks with Mazziotti. People got elected and took care of their little piece of Palm Bay and screwed the rest of the city over. First Lockmar was the area to be fixed thank John Hall and that Hag, that useless piece of Human debris Helen Voltz. Then it was, lets settle with GDC, put in a golf course surrounded by worthless property owned by G.D.C.. Guess whos property just became very valuable? and then build Bay Side. Gee who made out like bandits on that deal. It was like eating your desert before dinner. We needed so much more then a freaking Golf Course. Joe Daddy's is more Palm Bayish then the Majors. Who the hell can afford to play there. I noticed you were able to get all those roads leading to the majors all nice and fixed and landscaped. Hey with all that increased tax revenue you should have fixed some roads. No its time to say NO on May 12, 2009. They can try to scare you with all their BS but no matter what they do Palm Bay still sucks. And its going to for a long time. Its too damn big to fix.
Maybe its time to install a toll on US1 When all those Beach Siders come over here to their High Paying jobs at Harris Corp. They should have to pay a buck to get in and a buck to get out. They charge us to park over there and use" their" beach. Think about that Mr. Mayor, then go beg President Obama to bail out this third world city we need some stimulus


  1. You tell 'em, cap'n!

  2. We are actually looking to buy a house in Palm Bay..Is it still bad? What happened in May?