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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Palm Bay Yard Sales and the Jamaican Women

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday is go to garage sales. And if you go out early before the dude from the City picks up all the signs you can find a bunch. Lots of Bargains to be had, especially when some guy has pissed off his wife or girl friend and got caught messing around. His stuff is being sold cheap and you can pick up some nice things. She is selling everything because that will teach the bastard. Another bonus for Palm Bayers especially toward the end of the Month is that there is always people getting thrown out of their house so more good deals to be had.

Talking to a lot of folks having these garage sales a common story always seems to come up. The Jamaican or Haitian women who frequent these sales. I have seen them myself and have experienced their little show. Here's how it goes: They pull up to your house and stroll up your driveway and proceed to any clothing and shoes you may have. They will rummage through the clothes asking prices even if the price is clearly marked. Next they will pick up a giant arm load of clothes and tell you that they will give you a dollar fitty for it all. You will say no that is eight bucks, No No they will say one dollar fitty cents Mon. No but I will let you have it for seven dollars. No I will give you one dollar fitty cents. Now at this point a lot of the nice people of Palm Bay start feeling sorry for the lady and let her have the damn clothes for a buck fifty. They think shes a poor woman looking to clothe her family etc. But refuse their offer and it gets funny. I have heard people say I will throw the crap out or give it to CITA or GoodWill before I will let you have it, because they are so persistent. They will keep saying no no I give you one doallar fitty cents. Some times they will give up and mosey on back to their car and walk back to you with a five and two ones. There are so many people that this has happened to and some great stories if you have one please comment and share.

You see what these ladies are doing is buying those items and selling and sending back home for a profit and that's all fine and dandy Mon.


  1. OMG! This is so true of the Haitians! I lived in Palm Bay for 18 years-and am now in Orlando-but it's the same with the Haitians and yard sales. They want you to give your stuff away-no matter how low of an asking price (25 CENTS per item!)which in some cases would be fine-but they are RUDE! Hello-after one too many dealings with these "ladies"-I too, choose to give my things to the Goodwill.

  2. Apparently you have little to occupy your time.
    I would suggest volunteer work or a hobby.

    It's unfortunate you seem so troubled by the community around you. Other than passing judgement on everyone else what have you done successfully to address your issues?
    Besides whine and complain on the internet?

  3. I just had to move to palm bay and had a yard sale- and this is SO true!! They tried to bargain everything for next to nothing- and I did give in at first- but then it started pissing me off. I would rather throw it away.

  4. To the anonymous poster two spots above me:

    And what would you suggest, post yard sale signs with "NO HAITIANS" written on them?

    I, too, see this at every single yard sale I have had here in Orlando. I've even agreed to a lower price (after some degree of haggling) and had these people turn around and grab another armload of clothes thinking that they could include them at the same price. Yeah, not happening.

    After 14 years of dealing with this, it does get old. People need to vent. So what?

    Apparently you have too little to occupy YOUR time.