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Friday, May 15, 2009

Madalyn Landing Revisted

The post that has received the most feedback so far is the Madalyn Landing Post. I received several emails telling me that I was way to kind to the place. The people who emailed me said one of the happiest days of their entire life was when their lease was up and they were able to get the hell out. I was told stories of Drugs and thugs and a woman who was harassed by a man almost daily.
Another complaint was the piss poor service they received by maintenance and how it took forever to get something fixed. You pay extra for a washer and dryer and it did not work worth a crap.
I was told by three different people of all the drugs and how they did not let their kids out after dark. People told me of their kids getting jumped These only reaffirmed what I had already suspected I knew it wasn't all rosy over there. It seems there was some truth to those rumors. Like I mentioned before its low in income housing in a city known for its low cost housing. Looks like Madalyn Landings attracts the low lifes. So be glad if you do not live there. And if you live near there keep an eye out for what comes over the fence.

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  1. Hell yeah this is true!!! Can't wait to get the f*** out of Madalyn Landing. They didn't mention that the pool is NEVER open, the mailboxes are cheap as s*** and your keys will get stuck every time, that the so-called "fitness center" is really a broken treadmill, and the so-called "car care center" is really a hose. Every night I walk home from work I fear getting jumped.