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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Schools Almost Out For Summer

Schools almost out for summer. In Palm Bay that means be sure to get an alarm system or a dog for your house or be safe and get both. There is really not much for kids to do around Palm Bay. I guess they could go to the Majors and play some golf at least that is what the City envisioned. There are no longer any movie theaters in town. The Pool at BCC is open and might be fun. There are two very cool skateboard parks in our town which will be a topic of another blog entry soon.

If you want to go to the Beach and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Brevard County you can always ride the bus, In the Summer, Space Coast Area Transit travels to destinations frequented by young people such as movie theaters, libraries, beaches, recreation centers, malls and bowling alleys. The beach is a popular destination they even let you bring your surfboard if your heading for the Beach.

Now this time of year when the Palm Bay Youth start heading to the beach on the Bus it brings them to Indiatlantic by the sea to the 5th ave. boardwalk and the people in Indiatlantic by the sea to be honest, do not like the fact that Bus loads of Palm Bay Youth are coming to their beaches. They have complained and can you blame them? They just don't want their beach side teens mingling with our Palm Bay kids. But who are they going to buy their drugs from. Imagine if they began to breed. We are the other side of the tracks to those people. The only black people over there have lawn equipment in the back of their trucks. And the only Hispanics are cleaning their houses. They venture over here only to work, or to watch their kids at a High School Football game, Soccer tournament or other function. Then they hurry back beach side with the windows up and the doors locked. They breathe a great sigh of relief once their SUV makes it over the causeway and they are safe and sound.
I still think we should charge a toll to come over here and work. They sure as hell charge us to go to the beach, there are parking meters all over 5th ave boardwalk. Not to mention all of the money that goes to restore the sand on the beach that is just going to wash away again.
So school is almost out, another week to go. The Palm Bay youth Will run wild, and hopefully no teenage daughters in Indiatlantic by the sea will be impregnated by our fine Palm Bay sons and it will be a safe fun summer for everybody.

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