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Friday, May 8, 2009

Its Been A Year Since The Fires

This Mothers Day Weekend marks the One Year Anniversary of The Brush Fires that raged through our terd of a town. One of the good things about Palm Bay is our dedicated Fire and Rescue Crews and the Palm Bay Police Dept and the City Workers who busted their asses trying to get control of the fires that raged that Mothers Day Weekend. One of our biggest problems is the size of the City and how spread out we are. More poor planning. These Men and women worked their freaking asses off trying to save our little piece of the American Dream from the destruction caused by some asshole arsonist. They risked their lives literally for us.
Now one of the things that has surprised me over the last 25 or so years is the way this town actually pulls together when it needs to but I attribute this to just being Americans. Not Puerto Rican Americans not African Americans not Haitain Americans not Irish Americans and not Italian Americans just AMERICANS! When the going gets tough, we stick together. Like we did after 911.
Over the years Palm Bay has its share of tragedy and we always seem to make ourselves sort of proud. When just over 20 years ago That scum bag William Bryan Cruse went on his shooting spree killing 6 people and wounded 14 here in Palm Bay including Palm Bay Police Officers Ron Grogan and Jerry Johnson, this town pulled together and mourned its dead. I will never forget the scene of the officers funeral when citizens lined both sides of Babcock Street honoring the fallen officers. And today Cruse still sits on Death Row I cannot wait until they kill that piece of human debris.
When Hurricanes Francis and Jean came through our part of the state you have to admit our City had their Shit Together, more so then most of the County. Our City Workers were out there before and after the storms cleaning preparing and cleaning up after, while others in the County were trying to get their people in to work. And again we helped each other out, running extension cords to neighbors houses whom we barely said one word to since they moved in. Sharing a meal and sweating our asses off while we waited weeks for FPL to get some Company from out of state to flip a breaker on our pole.
Same thing happened last year we we got flooded by a tropical storm . We pulled together and helped the dip shits who drove their cars through the new lakes created by the storm in our streets and did what we had to do. Since this a blog today about the good in Palm Bay we wont go into the whole story about how a bunch of our fine citizens took advantage of the FEMA food and water distributions and ended up with cases and cases of MREs that are still stacked up in their garages and you see at garage sales for sale. But it was nothing like New Orleans and Katrina We came through our little disasters just fine and helped each other.
So there is a lot of good in Palm Bay. We all know that we are stuck in the same place. When those fires raced through here last year. Residents pulled together tried to save each others property helped each other out. Brought cold drinks and a meal to the Firefighters , Police and others at the scene. And we felt bad for the ones who lost everything. Those fire fighters and Police live in our neighborhoods and worked knowing that their Houses and their families could be burned out of their homes at any moment too, yet those Men and Women did what they were hired to do and busted some serious ass that weekend. And we say Thank You! again One Year Later THANK YOU!

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