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Friday, July 3, 2009

July 4, Is Now Dependence Day

It used to be a day when Americans celebrated our Independence from England and our Freedom and just about everything about being American. We BBQ, picnic, drink some cold ones and then in the evening celebrate with the grand firework display. Now that President Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats have control over our government soon we will celebrate Dependence Day it seems their goal is to control every aspect of our lives from what light bulbs we can use , what cars we can drive, how much money we can make, and to get as many people dependent upon the government for their existence. Hence Dependence Day. I know many of you do not have a clue what Cap and Trade is and I am sure you think that Free Health Care from the Government is going to be of the Highest Quality and Free. Just like that Government Cheese you grew up eating. All of you knuckle heads driving around in Palm Bay with your Obama Biden bumper stickers still proudly stuck on your vehicles have a hand in it. For alot of you it was the first time you felt compelled to vote after all Obama is half black. Some of you just hated Bush so much you bought it all hook line and sinker. This is what we got Hope and Change. We all saw how well a population totally dependent upon Uncle Sam for their existence worked when a major Hurricane hit their fine city.

Katrina was the perfect example. Those poor morons were not capable of leaving New Orleans. It was not like they did not have enough early warning or anything. When it was too late they showed up at the Super Dome with only the clothes on their backs not even a bottle of water. Two whole days with out the government Taking care of all their needs and they lost it. Total chaos. Looting, shooting, crying and dying. And they blamed who? The Government? The white man, everybody but themselves. That is what happens to you when you are not responsible for your self or your family. Yet so many want the government to take care of them. What does the government run well? They cant even run the post office or the DMV Social Security and medicare are broke, And you want them to run health care and take care of you?
That Cap and trade bill passed by the House last week will change the quality of your life, But you have not a clue. You don't care how much it will cost for energy because you are not paying the Bills anyway. Nor do you know what the Stimulus Bill was or anything else. Like Most of you section eighters you just want your free shit. You just want to suck on the big American tit, suck it for all you can get. You wants to get yours. As long as you keep getting your WIC and your Food Stamps and your Section Eight housing and your free health care so you can keep popping babies out and you are fine. Fat and happy.
Long live Obama. Happy Dependence Day Sheeple!


  1. Darrian WilliamsJuly 4, 2009 at 9:48 PM

    Again your blog is filled with racist remarks and hate toward people of color. We all know what happened in new Orleans and what George Bush did to the people who lived there. If the population had been white things would have been so different. There is no truth to what you say about Hurricane Katrina. Maybe you should have watched something besides FOX News. everyone saw the facts with our own eyes.
    You pimp this blog on Craigs list to peddle your hate. You are a very pathetic person and this blog should go away like George Bush and Cheney did. Obama will make us a better country and you will be shut down!

  2. I am such a liberal doooshbag my life revolves around the FL Today forums page. I am a dipshit who only knows how to copy and paste articles from the Huffington Post. I can never express my own opinions because I am incapable of doing so. I am a proud voter of Barak Obama and I know in my heart he will save the world. Your site is only filled with hate. I hate your website but I am a good catholic so I will pray for you

  3. slam dunk is a total fucking idiot Just like the rest of those fools on the florida today board.

  4. Darren, read the last 5 words you wrote. Ok think about what you wrote. Do you even know that there is a thing called "Freedom of the Press"? So either you need to read about it or if you really think that a site such as this one will be shut down, get the hell out of America.

  5. WTF? I came here to find pictures of the PB fireworks. Time to adjust your tinfoil, dude.

    Oh, and why is Dr. Ben Marble the wrong color?

  6. Okay, i haven't read many of your posts. Although on this one i did notice that some people are offended. I am a Hispanic American and actually don't feel offended. I agree with you in some of your opinions regarding Big Govt. running programs that always seem to fail or are failing. I am a Republican and voted for Ron Paul which i believe would have done a better job. We need a Govt. that will like all other companies that are shedding jobs do the same. We need a smaller Govt. not a larger one. We need true welfare reform that will kick people off its rolls so that people do not become dependent on it. I believe we do need welfare but only for a limited time 1 year max. We also need to destroy Unions, in my opinion they destroy companies. We should have let GM and Chysler go under. Why the hell does a line worker need to get paid 50k-80k per year just for working on a production line. The Postal service "was" one of the only profitable Govt. run institutions. That is until "unions" started sucking it dry like every other company they are in. We need lots of reform and it seems like its not going to happen in this Administration. True reform would be to put term limits for our Govt. Reps and Congress men. If our President can only serve 2 terms so should everyone else. We need real people in Govt. People who live real lives, not just the ultra wealthy.

    Thats my rant.

    Bill A