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Saturday, July 11, 2009

We're Off To See The Wizard

The Newest dream for our fine city is a dream called the Emerald City just like the one in the Wizard of Oz. Well not really, it is supposed to be like Celebration near Disney but would be more in line with Baldwin Park of Orlando but with a town square.. Our Emerald City is to be located right off the yet to be built but coming soon I95 Interchange at Micco Road. Now a Gentleman by the name of John D. Copanos and his limited partnership Sebastian Resources of Ft. Lauderdale would like to have the 900 or so acres they have sitting there rezoned so they can make this New Emerald City happen. They have come to the City of Palm Bay seeking this zoning change which will turn their land into some extra prime real estate. Now the Emerald City in concept is beautiful place where you never have to leave home to do anything.

This town to be modeled similar to Disney's Celebration and will have just about everything you could want and more,it would be a down-town urban center creating a large employment base with mixed uses of residential, office, hospital, hotel, and a town-square, within a concentrated area large "green" areas a University and or satellite campuses, a Hospital, health care centers, senior living with all kinds of amenities, shopping, restaurants, more shopping, entertainment centers for concerts, Community gardens, farmers markets, and Commercial business such as Pharmaceutical and maybe some new green energy projects. No golf course as of yet so that could be great for the Majors. Companies developing Solar and wind technologies could set up shop. It sounds so good. And like the saying goes if it sounds too good to be true...... It is their hope that they can get the Federal Government to foot some of the bills through grants and by creating enterprise zones. Hell there is probably stimulus money just waiting to be spent on this place.

Sebastian Resources 400 LP
633 S Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 467-4111

The company Sebastian Resources 400 LP of Ft.lauderdale is the Company that is pushing for the rezoning so they can develop this land. They have hired Brenda Yates of Yates and Company. Brenda Yates is a real mover and shaker with an excellent reputation and the experience to get something of this magnitude moving. Her Company has reputation and a resume that shows successful projects. Copanos and Sebastian Resources 400 LP are kind of a mystery. You can google John D. Copanos and you will find he has some reputation up north in Maryland and its not all great but, you will have to google him yourself. I understand limited partnerships are formed just for certain projects and this appears to be one of them. There is a lot of money from the pharmaceutical industry that will bankroll this investment and that's what the Copanos name is associated with .... Pharmaceuticals. Ms. Yates stated that there is a lot of federal money in the form of grants and such to make things happen which I have already said.
I just do not want the City taken for a ride. Remember the big project that was supposed to spring up across the street from the Auto Zone there on Malabar Road. The Mall the condos a Civic Center. Well its bankrupt and got foreclosed on. Something tells me this Emerald City project could be for real. Especially with the new Parkway . I cant see Ms. Yates involved with it unless it was on the up and up because she is the real deal or one incredible bull shitter. I tend to believe she is the real deal. I hope the City can plan this as not to further tax our already crumbling infrastructure. I would just hate to see the land rezoned and then flipped for a huge profit. Before we start rezoning that property in the south Eastern corner of Our City and before Mazziotti, Zonka and Feldman start skipping down the Yellow Brick Road arm and arm with Mr. Copanos toward the Emerald City I think we should take a peek at the man behind the curtain and find out a little more about Mr. Copanos and Sebastian Resources. If the City should give them the rezoning it should be based upon certain criteria such as if Sebastian Resources decides to sell their land before they develop it, the zoning goes back to the way it was. After all the city will not even hire a guy to fill pot holes or rake a ball field until they check him out. We should check out Mr. John D. Copanos before we rezone all that property
Do you really honestly believe that a Disney type Celebration Community or a Baldwin Park type self sustaining village will be built in Palm Bay. It just might happen. I think someone needs to click their heels together three times and come back to home. "Theres no place like Palm Bay", "Theres no place like Palm Bay", "Theres no place like Palm Bay". It is a big project and so far it is just a dream so lets proceed with caution. Lets try to get this one right.


  1. Christopher from Palm BayJuly 13, 2009 at 7:15 PM

    So what are you for it or against it puss boy?
    Copanos is going to put a contract out on your ass.

  2. Another rambling post that shows you are an idiot. Do you know anything about what you try to write about? Do you just make this shit up? Do you have any education past the 6th grade? No wonder you dont use your real name.

  3. What is your point of view in this post? You seem to support this project if it is really true Emerld City you sure this is not just a made up Nick dream. Then you seem not to support it? I like your posts better when you are ripping the city.

  4. Who the F is the Wizard in this Fn City , Should scooled the city workers almost run over on the Palm Bay over pass today 07-16-2009 Thaursday at 1300 by one of the overpayed incositerate Bastard City worker in a 2 ton flat bed truck ?! The Fn Wizard should give that F 'R a new Brain !!!!!!!!!

  5. More urban sprawl Nothing like killing of more or Florida. the last thing we need is a south Florida moving more north......

  6. Your site would be nice if it wasnt for all the profanity and midle finger pictures. how can Palm bay ever be respectable if its citizens talk like you! I hope when the Emerald city gets built..it will be too expensive for most of the low life that live in Palm bay...I hate Palm Bay..at least most of it..it is just nasty. Why dont you provide a nice website and talk with some respect. Lets start to change the face of the city...its ok to have an opinion, but good grief..get some education and people will actually listen to you.

  7. Is it gonna be built bc Palm Bay Sucks