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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

West Melbourne leads 2 - 1

What a week for our next door neighbor West Melbourne. Two home invasions this week. One dead one critically wounded by gun fire. What the hell is going on. Its usually the West Melbourne folks at the border on Palm Bay Road, Nose in the air saying damn glad I don't live in Palm Bay. Why West Melbourne is just a "bedroom community" with a kick ass youth football program. Its a " blue thang". Looks like your little piece of paradise is getting a reputation now also. And do not try to blame this shit on Palm Bay either this is not spill over.

Well maybe a little, one of our fine young men Patrick Feeley, 27, was involved in the murder of Rusty Locke and shooting another man during the home invasion. Rusty was a nice guy and was a friend to all who knew him except these punks. Most likely the whole deal was over drugs. RIP Rusty. Lets thank God those small children were not killed during this tragedy.
Then another home invasion on Martin Lane 5 men wearing ski masks break down the door and demand money from the homeowners 19 year old son. Gee wonder who he ripped off. I know this sounds like Palm Bay but it really is West Melbourne. These home invaders must have been sweating their asses off wearing ski masks in July in FL. Where do you find 5 ski masks in FL? In July?
We wont even count the Titusville or Rockledge home invasions/killings being that they happened way North of here.But those people also have nerve looking down on Palm Bay. What the hell is happening to our County and our State and our Country?
We did have our own Palm Bay Home Invasion. A house with a disabled couple and lots of pain killers found some masked punks inside their home at 6:30 am. The punks ran off and the home owner shot his gun into the ground. Smooth move there. I am surprised that the Palm Bay PD did not arrest him for discharging a firearm within the City Limits. It would have been easier if he would have just blown the home invader away.
I say arm your selves Citizens of Palm Bay. Do it before the time comes when you will not be able to. Be safe about it.
If you have children please please keep your guns locked in a safe and out of reach but where you can get to them if you need to. Teach your kids about firearms and firearm safety. The more they know the less likely they will get hurt for being curiousTeach your wife, take her to the range sign her up for the concealed carry class and make her comfortable and able to defend her self need be. Ever go to the Winn Dixie on Malabar road at night?

If some body decides to enter my house looking to steal my stuff or harm my family they are going to end up DEAD because
I do not think I will think twice about pulling that trigger. Just read the news its every where a total disregard for any ones life . These punks will kill you in a heart beat for a couple of bucks or your bottle of prescription meds. Look at their faces in the mug shots they are kids but they will kill you like you are just a video game character.


  1. Same here some thugs try to enter my home bang goes the gun. And down the thugs go. One less loser ass hole walking the earth.

  2. your making jokes about murder now? how low will you go

  3. hello, do you not understand sarcasm? also anonymous learn how to spell "you're" if you aren't smart enough to understand his posts stop reading.

  4. inbred white trash, too bad we can't take this trash out to the back of a building and shoot them.

  5. I do not think it is funny to make fun of the home invasions. People were killed and hurt and it should not be made fun of it is not a joke. Having a firearm in your house is more likely to get you killed then save you.

  6. Gerald L. Palm Bay FLJuly 31, 2009 at 10:43 PM

    OK Julie when someone breaks into your house and Kills some of your family and then rapes the shit out of you can defend your self by talking it out with the creep good luck! My wife will aim... fire and watch their brain matter splatter good luck.

  7. I do not find this blog offensive. Its actually funny. I do not see where he is making fun of victims, just light of the situation. After all Palm Bay is supposed to be the shit hole of the County just ask anybody who does not live there. My sister lives in Palm Bay and believe me its bad..Worse then Melbourne.

  8. Palm Bay is not too bad I am from Chicago and this place is nice and warm I just can't find a job making a decent wage

  9. What would be even better is if slam drunk gets her very own home invasion that would be funny as hell.

  10. I do not believe Patrick Feeley should be put to death. I do not believe he would ever harm somebody. That is just not the kind of person he is. I knew Pat when he was a teenager. And even though he and I didn't always get along, and we ended up not being friends, I still do not believe he shot, killed, or intended to harm anyone. I believe he thought this was just going to be a robbery. He had no intensions on hurting anyone. Patrick Feeley is not a killer. It's just not his nature to harm someone. Brandy

    1. you are a fucking idiot and dont know anything!so just stfu!

  11. He was still involved no matter what! He organized this home invasion so he should take whatever punishment that comes his way. If it were not for him this would not have happened and Rusty's son and brother would not be suffering today. I do not know any of these guys that did this but I am close to the family and they are having a hard time with it. How would you all feel if the shoe was on the other foot and it was your family member?