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Friday, July 17, 2009

Where Did the Clerk of Courts Office Go?

Once again the good people of Palm Bay have been shafted by Brevard County. The County has treated Palm Bay like shit forever. The largest City with the largest population and they decide to close the new Clerk of Courts office in Bayside. It only took 50 years to get the County to open that office. Why not make the people from Melbourne drive over here for their business? Why is it that we always have to drive over to Melbourne. The people drive over here 5 days a week to work I think they could drive over here to do their business with the clerk of court. The road goes right by our beautiful golf course maybe that will put the thought in their heads that they should come over here to golf too.
Chalk it up to another weak performance by our City government showing who's the boss in our city. Aren't you tired of the same old crap from Brevard County. Where are our boat ramps? Well maintained County Roads? The truth of the matter is the County Commissioners could not care less about Palm Bay unless there is an election coming up then they stand on the corners waving their signs... Well screw you! Why do we bother to keep sending in the tax dollars. We don't get our moneys worth except when it comes to keeping the jail filled. They now keep most of the freaking traffic fine money the City gets screwed. And now we have to drive to Melbourne again to pay the damn thing. We get screwed on what they spend here verses what we pay here. Meanwhile our City government says "oh well" and starts looking into building baseball stadiums and we have got the police paragliding over crime scenes. Maybe its time to raise a little hell with the county. Do you think Feldman, Mazziotti or Zonka have the balls to rock the boat a little bit. Doubtful. We need to let the County know that we are pissed off. The Palm Bay City Government will not do shit!

District 3: Commissioner Trudie Infantini
1311 E. New Haven Avenue, Melbourne, Fl 32901
Phone: (321)952-6300 Fax: (321)952-6340

District 5: Commissioner Andy Anderson
1515 Sarno Road Building B
Melbourne, Fl 32935
Phone: (321)253-6611 Fax: (321)253-6620

Call your useless county commissioner and say I remember when you were waving with your sign at the intersection of Palm Bay and Minton Roads begging for our vote Well now your in and the people of Palm Bay are tired of being treated like the Little red headed step child.
Maybe we deserve the reputation we have in the county. Because everyone thinks Palm Bay sucks!


  1. hey dude this is supposed to be only temporary until September. Cool your jets man

  2. Try getting rid of the mudshark Infantini. This bitch only cares about her damn self.

  3. Dude - The County Commission has no control over the Clerk of Courts office in Bayside. Any office closures are due to a decision made by the Clerk. Get your facts strait please. BTW ….. Anderson always fights for Palm Bay …. Watch the meetings.