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Thursday, August 11, 2011

We Finally scored a 100% at Something

Finally Something in Palm Bay has scored a 100 %. With glowing pride it has been announced the Riviera Elementary School in Palm Bay has 100% of its students in the Free or reduced Lunch Program. Now that is something to be proud about. It seems that Palm Bay kids are literally starving right before our very eyes. I find this to be unbelievable but apparently true.
Seems not only are they starving on school days but during non school days too, so they get meals to take home for the weekend thanks to The Children's Hunger Project, based in Brevard County .
From the looks of some of the Single mothers I saw on the TV news story with their 5 kids. Mom has been eating most of the food in the house. Now if they qualify for the free lunch they most likely are getting food stamps. Somebody needs some lessons in how to shop and how to plan meals. Also maybe how to keep their legs crossed or taught how to use birth control. Some of these Baby's Daddies should start supporting their children and the woman they impregnate. I seriously do not see that happening in this Country anytime soon

Nobody wants to see kids go hungry seriously, no one does. And its a damn shame Mom can afford her Newports and somehow afford tattoos and the scratch off tickets but she somehow cant feed her kids. Maybe you can get a cheaper phone and quit texting every freaking minute. Oh wait the government now provides the cell phones too. Why does the old saying come to mind "Don't breed em if you cant feed em." So everyone else in our society. No, let me rephrase that the people who still work in our society or the 48% of Americans that do pay income taxes must give up a portion of their income to feed someone Else's children before they even get to feed their own family. That's right, before we receive our hard earned paycheck the Government takes a great big chunk of our money then gives us what they (The government) think we should have. And right now our President and most of the Democrats in Washington want more and want us to pay our fair share and sacrifice. But wait that's my money I worked those hours. So that the government can give our hard earned money to people to buy food for their kids, pay for housing for these people and in alot of cases their electric bills too. Ain't America great. When are the people who get all that welfare money going to sacrifice. They have TVs cell phones apparently enough money for tattoos cigarettes Xboxes, PlayStation's and Nitindos. We have the richest fattest poor people on the face of the Earth you want to see real poverty? Try Haiti or just about any place on the African Continent. That's where people are starving not Palm Bay. We just have irresponsible people who pop out babies with the expectation that everybody else is going to take care of them. For everything, the birth the diapers the Dr. visits the clothes the school supplies the roof over their head the food in their kitchen everything. Including the presents under the tree at Christmas.
If charities want to provide all of these things that's great but we are forced to.
I know you will say the USA wastes tons of cash, We send it all over the world, money on wars, The space program, studies on the sex life of the snail darter, and if you work for Harris or Lockheed or some other government contractor you are taking Govt. welfare too. Except we earn it by producing something other then broods of illegitimate kids. The taxpayers are getting something for their buck.
Whatever the Government gets from us it is never enough. When you have no skin in the game meaning you are not having a portion of your check confiscated by the government you really do not care, you just want what you think you should be getting.Because after all you think you deserve it. It is not fair that someone else has a nice car or a boat or a nice house and you don't.
I haven't seen any kids in Palm Bay with a swollen belly and flies buzzing around their heads sitting next to their mother whose emaciated baby is sucking on a shriveled tit.

I see some chubby little kids running loose at Walmart while their single mom is talking on her

cell phone,breaking out the multiple WIC checks and lining up the juice, cereal, eggs, cheese and milk and maybe some baby formula then she pulls the big cart of groceries up that the food stamp card pays for. Then she waddles out. Meanwhile I have to buy the ground beef and hamburger helper and some how make that food in my cart stretch out until next payday. What the hell has happened to this country?
I know you think I sound mean and heartless but I am happy the kids with the irresponsible single mothers who attend Riviera Elementary in Palm Bay will have food to eat over the weekend thanks to The Children's Hunger Project, based in Brevard County. They should never have been hungry in the first place. When are people going to be responsible for themselves? That is what made us what we were. Our DNA is no different then the rest of the world we just had our freedom and liberty and took care of ourselves because that's what we did. Now look at us.


  1. You are not funny you are a sad disturbed person.
    You are probably some fat white son of a bitch . yep you have no idea what the circumstances are of the people you rant about on your peace of shit racist blog. You should walk in their shoes for a while and see if you could survive and feed your kids. Why should these kids not have video games and TVs it is not their fault that they are poor. Everyperson in America should have the food and clothes they need and a roof over their head I hope you have to experience what they do and then write about it asshole

  2. To the above poster, You are the reason this once great country sucks so bad now! I work very hard to support my family, I graduated an average student I am not smart by any means, yet I have worked hard and now own my own business and pay way to much in tax to support the scum of the earth who" at no fault of their own " can not support themselves! BULLSHIT!! they have the same brains hands and feet as I do but choose to be a scumbag, they should be given the chance to better themselves and if they can not oh well! sorry about your luck! I am tired of paying for kids I did not at least have the fun of making! I am for mass sterilization of the poor and would gladly pay my share for that!

  3. You hit the nail on the head. This country has bred a population so dependent on their government, it's people will never recover. Remember the mess with FEMA payouts (nevermind the looting). This isn't a racial thing at all. I had to bring my son for his booster vaccine at the county Health Department and was told "we don't need your insurance, vaccines are free up to 19). Why? I sat there and watched a mother with two kids hanging off of her waiting for her WIC appt as she was playing on her smart phone (and she was white by the way). Others with their expensive hair extenstions, gold jewelry and $80 jeans were also in and out picking up their WIC checks. These are the same people at Walmart seperating their WIC items from their beer and cigarettes as they check out. You want to know what is wrong with society? That's it right there. This is not about race, it is about abuse period.

  4. I wasnt sure what the qualifications were for reduced lunch were so I looked it up. All that is need for a family of 4 is to make less than 42,000 a year(22.00 dollars an hour). Thats a lot higher than I expected. It takes the daily cost of a lunch from 1.70 to 40 cents.

  5. Why do you always have to post a picture of a white woman with mix children? And some people need help in life with food stamps, wic etc who are YOU to judge?

  6. To the above poster, Who am I to judge? I am the person going to work everyday to EARN ( I know that those are two concepts that you probably don't understand) the money that the government confiscates from me to pay for the handouts they give these low life scum bags. That's Who

  7. I dont know if low life scum bags is a good name to call these people. I think that is rather harsh. You see these people do not know any better This is how they were raised its generation after generation. It is a creation of the federal govt. in order to make things "better" for them. You know they dont need a father to support the house hold or raise the family because Uncle Sam is going to do it with the taxpayers money. What they created is a segment of society that has no ambition no dreams no goals that is lazy and uneducated and expects everything handed to them because thats how their grandmother lived and their mother and now them and soon their kids will be squeezing out rugrats because thats all they know. Low life scum I think is a bit harsh. They are sheep or sheeple and vote democrat when the bus comes to drop them off at the polls in fear of losing this life. Or else they may have to get a job and heaven forbid pay taxes

  8. OK, how about, losers, low life scum, white trash, trailer trash, niggers, wiggers, jitterbugs, democrats, liberials, milkers of the system, baby mommas,swirls, zebras, mexicans, aliens, congressmen, mayors, lawyers,
    Every one of them cost me money in some way and I am tired of their shit!

  9. They are merely a product or a creation of our government as means to remain in power. If someone ran on a platform to cut the welfare roles they would be destroyed in the main stream media. Look at what the press is trying to do to the tea party. All they are asking for is that we follow the constitution and live within our means and they are compared to Nazis. Just imagine if you suggested that maybe it is time for some tough love and start making these people pick up trash along the roadways and work in daycare centers and schools and actually earn their checks.

  10. The combination of Republic= citizens having to put trust in the hands of the few lawmakers and our forms of Crony and corporate Capitalism are the root cause the the social and economic injustice. Or allowing this kleptocratic combination minority few own,rule and control over the citizens is the problem. Reversing this IS the solution, outlaw Capitalism and teh republic! Global Democracy for all with people ownership plus direct rule and control over money.business and govt.