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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pay the Man or We are Taking Your Can

I guess it is about time I talked about our beautiful new garbage cans that our City in it's infinite wisdom plunked down 3.1 million dollars for.
Well they did not actually fork over the cash , they got the deal financed through Bank of America. Wasn't that nice of them. People have been pissed about this for a while and I just have not been keeping up with the blog, but email after email concerns the Garbage cans. Now here we are in Feb. and some people have not paid their bills. Seems like they are going a little crazy over there at the City hall. They not only have sent out late notices twice which threaten to repo your cans, but now have even used the reverse 9-1-1 emergency system. The system normally employed to alert residents to emergencies was used to inform 2,800 delinquent, quarterly-billed garbage collection customers that trash and recycling carts would be picked up if bills weren't paid. Sounds like an emergency to me how about you? So the City will start repoing your trash cans.
Your trash will not be picked up if your bill is unpaid. This whole Garbage can deal stinks like old garbage and has since
City Manager Lee Feldman and the rest of the knuckle heads in City Hall rammed this down our throats like a Democratic Congress passing Obamacare. We have pickup once a week now instead of twice and we save a whole what? .45cents. Brilliant!
The main goal was to comply with the state-mandated recycling goals which need to be in place by 2020
and to lock in a price for 10 years of Service. Did we solicit bids from other companies just dying to get our business? Why do I think that this whole deal is going to end up costing us the tax payers so much more.
Now I know Palm Bay pretty well and it does not take a rocket scientist to know that if you quit picking up some of our fine residents garbage it will either pile up in front of their house with the rest of the crap that is already there,

like the car that has not moved in a year or the old BBQ and riding lawn mower that's been parked in front of the house since 2005. They will just dump it somewhere in the woods around town. There already is a whole lot of trash dumped in vacant lots and you can see the trash that lines the roads just about everywhere in Palm Bay.
This town has so many other problems that need to be taken care of that I was not aware that trash pick up was such a pressing issue that we needed to finance cans at Bank Of America. Speaking of Bank of America have you ever been in one of their branches? The majority of the signs are in Spanish.
It kind of makes you wonder what America they are the Bank of. South? Central or the United States of America?

Maybe the History Channel, Discovery or A&E can come out with a new reality show featuring Palm Bay trash cart repos.
Pay the Man or We are Taking Your Can featuring Lee Feldman as the repo man.


  1. The endless screw up's from the city have stopped suprising me! how much did it cost to mail out those "reminders" twice, and to use the 911 service did not come free. I guess we all have to pay again and again for lack of oversight by our city leaders, WHAT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS. Lee Feldman is the worst "manager" on the face of the planet. The only thing he manages is to dry ass rape the taxpayers and get paid for it. We own a very protective dog and I hope the can repo man can run faster than my dog while removing the cans from behind our fence, look for it on youtube from our security camera's vantage point, it will be a classic!

  2. this is a set up. Once the city repos these trash cans the trash will pile up at these homes. then the city will send in the clowns PBPD to write tickets for litter. Once again PB has shown why its such a joke.

  3. I like my new trash cans and I recycle more then ever. Let these dead beats pay their bill like everybody else

  4. So I suppose that the rest of the residents should pick up the cost for the deadbeats that don't pay their bill then? Maybe the city should increase it's rates for the paying customers so the rest can get service for free. Sounds real fair to me. Everyone wants something for free. I wonder if I stop paying for my car that I use what the bank would think.

  5. Most of the people that read this miss the major points of the argument, they just seem to let everyone shit on them and feel all warm and fuzzy about it! I can pay for the cans but choose not to and here's why..
    1.most all of Palm Bay new nothing of the can deal till it was done!
    2. Melbourne got bigger cans and twice a week pick up and did not have to pay for it, Waste mgm't picked up the tab for the cans knowing the extra recycle garbage would pay for the cans in a short time
    3.Palm Bay screwed it's citizens by borrowing 3.1 mil. to cover the cans but not accounting for all the extra time and money to maintain the program so it draws away from money for other city issues.... brilliant!
    4.I refuse to be restricted to how much garbage
    I have per week and told to deal with it by city officials

  6. It is typical Palm Bay. Complain about everything and a bunch of dead beats that wont pay their bills. Western Waste Management had problems collecting the fees each month in Palm Bay for years. What a scum hole

  7. I LOVE the new cans! Yes they will repo your cans if you do not pay your bill. BIG deal idiots just pay your damn bill like everyone else has too! The recycle is so much more easier love it! You people who are bitchin and whining get over yourselves!!!! Always something on here....

  8. You people who are bitchin and whining get over yourselves!!!! Always something on here....
    Rental Dumpsters

  9. As the old saying goes--"wish I knew then--what I know now". Been here for over 26 yrs. and "wish I knew then--what I know now"! It was actually relatively nice here back in '83--go figure. Top ten of my most colossal mistakes in life and too late to change it all now.

  10. Everyone complaining about your trash cans... Be happy you have trash cans! Try buying a house and being told excuse after excuse by the city of Palm Bay as to why you still after 6 weeks dont have a trash can yet... They pull the record up to see that a trash can was ordered on Nov 8th..but yet they tell me there's a big list and people have been waiting since Dec??? So then why is there no still no can? When we were looking at houses there were all these empty houses with cans... when I asked about those, they say we are in the process of collecting them... how long does it take to collect them? I really don't want to have to put my garbage out so that wildlife can come along and rip them open... I have to pay the same price as my neighbors who have cans... This is ridiculous!!!

  11. I'm guilty as Hell. Forgot to pay the Bill. I NEVER GOT NOTICE ONE about stealing my can. Went to City Hall & Waited in a massive line to pay $62.00 & asked if that was ALL I OWED THE CITY? She said YES. I called about my Can being Released & they DEMANDED A Lien on my House AND A $30.00 Deposit on the CAN PLUS $57.00 BEFORE I get my CAN BACK. MY Military Disability Check is GONE for this month. I'm the "dead beat", "Scumback" that OWNS MY PROPERTY.