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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Palm Bay's FootBall Fans

There are two big games on this weekend. N.Y. Jets vs. Pittsburgh Steelers and The Green Bay Packers vs. The Chicago bears. All four teams have a bunch of fans here in Palm Bay. However obnoxious the NY fans are the Pittsburgh fans are the worst. Pittsburgh fans not only cheer their team on, which is fine and dandy, But they have to tell you how freaking great the City of Pittsburgh is. They go on and on about the City. If it is so freakin great what the hell are you doing living down here in beautiful Palm Bay FL. if Pittsburgh PA is the land of milk and honey or steel city beer and Roslis burgers. Oh the culture the museums the food . Why would you ever want to move away from the greatest city on Earth?

Then they tell you about the lack of jobs up there and the cold winters.....Hell they dont even produce steel up there any more, do they? Well then I guess its not that great so shut the fuck up about it already. Go ahead and wear your yellow and black and show off your ridiculous tattoos but shut the fuck up about how great Pittsburgh is. Because if its so great you would have never left. Your quarterback Roethlisberger is a rapist and an embarrassment
yet because he is winning so you give him a pass.

Even Atlanta could not stomach Micheal Vick. Yes the City has a winning tradition blah blah blah but if it is so great what the hell are you doing here in Palm Bay the anus of Central Florida!

The NY fans are just as bad about telling you how great the empire state is even though both of their football teams play in New Jersey. The New Yorkers want to change Florida to bring all of the things that destroyed their State to Florida. How about a big NO Thank-You to that.
Green Bay fans.. well they are kind of a mellow bunch they love their Packers but they are not telling you how great it was living in Wisconsin enjoying their 40 degree August evenings. They sit in Beef O Brady's and cheer their team with out being obnoxious A-Holes like Patriot fans or Steeler fans.

Same goes with Chicago they know the place is a shit hole and are glad they left. They don't sit around half drunk off their ass at Beef's telling you that Chicago is the greatest City in the United States while they watch their team play in 4 degrees. We know our Bucs,

Dolphins and Jags suck but we are not bragging about how great it is to Live Here , I guess you already figured that it was a lot better here then Pittsburgh PA because because you packed up and moved down to Palm Bay Florida. Thats got to tell you the truth about Pittsburgh.
So how about you Pittsburgers, if Pittsburgh PA is the greatest place in the world what the hell are you doing living in Palm Bay FLA?


  1. I would rather live in the Burgh and deal with my abnoxious drunk bragging Football Fan Freinds Than live in that hot Humid Toxic waste Dump with all your Depend wearing neighbors, that cant Drive worth a fuck Because there to busy telling you how Fucking cold it is when it is 65 Degress down there, and it smells like Preperation "H" and Poligrip

    Thank You,

  2. Its not just the people from Pittsburgh it is most of the Northern Yankees who have invaded the South. They try to bring their Northern ways to FLorida. These are the same things that screwed up the state they are fleeing. They want to change Florida to be more like NY Ohio PA any NE state Jamaica, Haiti, Africa you name it. meanwhile Detroit, Philly, New York,Baltimore, Chicago are all now shit holes no jobs and 80% of the residents are on some kind of State or Federal aide. They are doing the same to the SC NC, Tenn and GA. Its a lost cause and who really gives a shit about football anyway? Its just a bunch of niggers running around with a ball.

  3. The Northeast SucksNovember 15, 2011 at 1:55 PM

    I'm sure there are way more Depend-wearing ancients in Pittsburgh than in Central Florida because all the young people are fleeing the northeast in case you haven't heard. It smells way more of Metamucil up in that part of the country than it could ever smell like Preperation H here.