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Friday, February 11, 2011

A City Obsessed With Garbage Cans

Recently my phone rang. The caller ID identified the caller as City of Palm Bay. I answered and was connected to a live call in meeting with the Palm Bay Mayor John Mazziotti.
Lee Feldman Our $202,301.84 a year City Manager was babbling in the background basically setting up the questions by callers for the Mayor. Feldman seemed amazed as he stated several times that over 8,ooo people were participating
I guess they were also interrupted from their daily routine to listen to the City leaders blowviate. The overwhelming majority of questions
I heard asked, concerned the Trash Carts. Everything from "Why did we do this" in their old Yankee accented voice to "the cans are too big for my garage". And then there were the callers whining about how Melbourne gets two pick ups a week and they got the waste management company to pay for the cans. These garbage cans seem to have really pissed off our residents. I have been here for quite a while and I do not remember a topic that has taken hold like this. Garbage cans imagine that with all the problems we have garbage cans gets the masses going.
The calls would move to a new topic usually some geezer bitching about the cars going
too fast down Port Malabar Blvd then swerve right back into the garbage cans. "Mr. Mayor why do people have to store their cans where
I have to see them from the street". Mr. Mazziotti " I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and these cans are too big for me to roll down the driveway by myself". " There is not enough room in one can for all my garbage".
There were a couple of callers with Caribbean accents complaining about the drainage or shrubs that were too high. Then back to the Garbage cans. "Mr. Mayor my neighbor fills his cans too high and the lid does not go down and raccoons get in and then he just leaves the garbage on the ground". It just went on and on about the new garbage cans price, pick up and peoples habits. The town is just not embracing the new garbage carts the way Lee Feldman and the mayor are.
How about some questions like this: Mr. Mayor My street is a mess and has been a pot hole ridden semi dirt road for years what are the plans. How about a decent plan that the city would back like we have had and passed by popular vote in the past. Instead of the last one you tried to get the voters to support that was full of so much total bullshit. It was a financial joke. Even worse then your garbage can deal. How about instead of making nice pretty medians with landscaping that needs maintenance and upkeep we spend the money on just a basic road for some. The landscaping looks nice but if you polish a turd it is still a turd. We need basic roads not pretty shrubs in the median. Basic concrete would have been fine. Vacant houses line our streets many get broken into by teens who party in them and
cause vandalism. Many are missing the AC Unit which gets stolen. How about The City start making the banks responsible for the houses they own. Your code enforcement patrol has no problem harassing every other citizen in town.
Oxycodone is now the big drug around here how about a plan to prevent pill mills. The crowd at the Central Florida Treatment Center on Palm Bay Rd. overflows the parking lot every day with our Oxy addicted neighbors trying to kick the habit.
Have you been to
the Winn Dixie shopping Center across from the City hall lately? Since the movie theater reopened it is back to the mobs of young teens roaming around like a pack of dogs or herds of cattle wandering around aimlessly, And the police are right there at the PAL. Would you feel safe letting your wife shop at
Bealls after dark with all those punks hanging around?
Exactly how much money $ are those red light cameras bringing in? It has to be some serious coin because the one by Walgreens on Malabar and San Filipo flashes like a strobe light at a cheap disco. The City claims they are for our own safety.
Yeah right. Most research finds they make the intersections dangerous as the knuckle head in front of you slams on his breaks. It is just another way to squeeze some more cash from us. Where is all that cash going? And will the police be paragliding around town any time soon.
What are we going to do about the old homosexuals hanging out at Castaway point or at the park that is all

the way down at the very end of Malabar Road? Castaway Point is such a nice place to go to, except after dark. Between the old homos and the homeless that come out after the sun goes down,you had better load up the fishing gear and get the hell out.
All of the new business
opening up off of Palm Bay Rd. are in West Melbourne. We get nicer places to shop and more traffic and West Melbourne reaps in the tax revenue.
Yet we still dream about the OZ development over by Micco Rd. once that new I95 ramp is built. We can not even take care of what we have, yet we want more. So many still just want the very basic things like a road. Just a road that does not destroy their car or is so bad their children can not even ride a bike or rollerskate on. Just the basics please.


  1. Stinky the Garbage TruckFebruary 13, 2011 at 9:20 PM

    I have a family of 4 and only fill the trash can about 80% a week. If you throw what can be recycled in the yellow can capacity is never a problem. Most people are just too stupid and lazy to take the time to do it.

  2. $385,000.00 For road improvement at castaway point park so fat old dicksuckers have a nice place to practice their oral skills on each other
    To Lee Feldman that seems a great investment instead of repairing roads in SW Palm Bay. I bet he frequents that park trolling for a Dirty Sanchez! Good to see our city leaders taking care of the perverts! That lifestyle seems to fit them will all the practice they have screwing the Palm Bay citizens!

  3. GREAT POST! Every one I speak to feels that very same way!What a bunch of crap.

  4. Oh God, I love this blog! I have never laughed so hard in my life.

  5. Too frigid and sadly so frigid TRUE!

  6. Too freek'n FUNNY and sadly so frigid TRUE!! Corruption reins supreme! Been here 26+ yrs. and "thought" I'd seen it all---not "yet"!

  7. This site is right on! I moved away from Palm Bay 10 years ago when the niggers from Lipscomb Street started making daily visits to the crack whore next door for her shit. I told my wife that I'm not coming home from work to find your throat slashed because one of thos porch monkeys got caught robbing the house when you came home. You can have your Pot Holes and abandoned houses. Thank God we got out of there before the housing market took a shit. Great Website!

  8. Its Bull. Im sorry but We have a rather large family. Me, my brother,His newborn,My older brother and his wife/1 year old who comes to visit. We always host at our house for the rest of family to eat. Plus we have 4 dogs

    We recycle what we can, but we fill our garbage can with garabe and its nowhere near enough! You cant recycle dirty diapers, bones , dirty paper plates and other trash our dogs tear up.

    We fill that recycle bin to the rim and still have two older trash cans filled with the new one. And 90% of the time the trucks dont even pick up the trash on our street! they skip our entire street and then wont pick up the trash once we fill an entire new can due to them skipping our street. So we are ALWAYS behind. Im so close to taking my trash and dumping it at city hall.

  9. willardconyersformayor@cfl.rr.com experienced, concerned. The taxpayer will be heard first. you wont have to sue me to get my attention. there will be some changes made.e-mail me, and get to know me and see what I look like.
    pd.pol.adv.paid for by will conyers for mayor