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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Milo and Feldman Off to China

That's right Palm Bay City Manager Lee Feldman is getting ready to do some more traveling and he's taking Deputy Mayor Milo Zonka with him. In fact it will be a foursome because Melbourne's Mayor Harry Goode and Deputy Mayor John Thomas are coming along for the ride. It's off to the far away Peoples Republic of China. The boys are set to leave Oct 13. Looks like a party waiting to happen. Too bad Maziotti could not make it. The good news is the tax payers of Palm Bay are not footing the bill for once. The Chicoms are paying the bill and what they wont cover Milo says he will for himself. I don't know about Feldman but I bet he tries to weasel in some overtime pay some how. Also good news for Palm Bay citizens is City Manager Feldman will be gone and cant screw anything up. Every time this guy gets involved he costs the city big bucks such as losing the softball leagues and putting in wetlands parking. Bad news is these two knuckleheads don't seem to have a clue. Milo gushed that he is "wicked curious about what its really about over there." Wicked Curious? Really Zonka you don't know? And your investing peoples life savings for a living. Feldman says Palm Bay has been working to attract eco-friendly, sustainable business to the area. With no results mind you.
Feldman said he wants to see China's model green city. "At this point, I think China is out-greening us, so I'm interested in seeing their best practices," he said.
Before I get into that.
Why is a City like Palm Bay that made national headlines and put it self into the National limelight with its No made in China products policy want to send anyone to China or copy any of their practices. Why, it was not that long ago when our Mayor John Mazziotti was making the rounds on the cable talking head shows bragging that Palm Bay Wants to Ban All Products Made in China. It did not matter that it was going to cost the City more money to find products made in the USA because those Chicoms were not playing fair and well somebody had to do something. The Mayor was quoted as saying "you know, when you have got people in China that are working for 50 cents an hour, the human rights in China are awful,
the quality control is awful, and then you have got the toys coming into this country with lead poisoning, you know, and then Mattel company apologizes to the Chinese, I mean, it's time we do something". What a genius right?

Ok so that brings us back to the Milo and Feldman going over "there" to see what this is all about. Well boys it is like this and I am not bitching about you going because I would have jumped at the chance too especially with the Chinese paying. But its like this The reason the Chinese have all the manufacturing jobs is that they are communists they can make their people do what ever they please.

They use slave labor even Mazziotti figured that one out, or someone told him to say it. They can open a manufacturing plant and not have the EPA on their ass or OSHA or the FDA. They can dump their toxic waste anywhere, right out back if they want, someone cuts their fingers off loses a limb or gets sick because of work no big deal they just grab another from the billions in the labor pool all clamoring for the 25 cent an hour jobs. They do not need teams of lawyers going over contracts and they do not have to deal with labor unions or every government agency local state and federal trying to get some of their pie. They just have to pay off a few communist big cheeses and start manufacturing. As far as the Green ecofriendly city goes. I do not believe its the norm when the Chinese are some of the biggest polluters on the planet I think even the mental midget former Vice President Forrest Gore would have to agree on that one.
While your over there Feldman look into the fact that when the managers screw up over there in China they are executed and then their family has to pay the government for the bullet used in the execution its true look it up. So lets try implementing some of those ideas.
The Chinese must know something about food too because at the China Buffet its all you can eat for $6.35 and that's including tax and the food is not too bad, even though that meat with your broccoli may be cat it still tastes pretty good. The food is probably better then the school lunches served in our Public Schools and alot less expensive. Maybe the Brevard County School Board should emulate that.


  1. I hope these fucks get the swine flu and DIE!

  2. Feldman should stay over there the man is useless.

  3. I believe they still use ox carts over there and the streets are better than ours, The stupid fuck heads in our local town hall can't seem to grasp an original idea to improve the city so they have to travel around the planet to observe a bunch of slanty eyed commies in hopes of finding another way of fucking us out of our hard earned dollar! kind of trying to pick up the clean end of a turd!I hope they catch something from a spinning basket fuck!

  4. Now let me understand this correctly Palm Bay has a NO made in China policy? Like some kind of official law on the books or something? How can they purchase things like office supplies? And if this policy does exist why are they sending these two clowns over to a country that the City says they do not want to do business with. No wonder you town is so fucked up. Does this Zonka character know what communism is? And do people outside of Boston use the word wicked to describe things. What a wicked pisser man.