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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cell Phones: Sometimes I would like to shove that phone right up your..........

Do you ever get tired of Cell phones? Or rather other people and their cell phones?
I was driving down Malabar Road heading West and this SUV in front of me was doing maybe 32MPH the speed limit is 45. Then the driver sped up to almost 40 they were all over the road then back down to 30 MPH.

I was thinking please, please turn into Madalyn Landing but no luck. Finally at the Jupiter Intersection I was able to get past them. Guess what? It was some big bitch yapping away on her cell phone all animated with not a clue about what was going on around her..... not a clue. You see it every day and its all kinds of people young, old, all races, female, male it does not matter they are all over the road yapping away or even texting not a clue what the hell they are doing just driving and yapping. An accident waiting to happen. I hate to sound like a hypocrite and go against my libertarian leanings but damn we need a law to protect us from these assholes. They speed up they slow down, they speed up they slow down, they drift in other lanes, they run red lights and don't even have an FREAKING Clue what the hell they are doing. What the hell is so important? I know I am going to catch some flak for this post but it is something that bugs the shit out of me. Maybe we should all have our cell phone numbers on the rear bumper Not only could we call the knucklehead up and bitch at them but it would make it easy to hook up with people. Some people on cell phones are just plain rude. Have you ever had some douche bag start talking to you in the store but they really aren't talking to you? You look over and hey have their blue tooth attached firmly to their skull carrying on a loud conversation as if trying to say look at me I have a blue tooth I am important I am cool. And its not the spouse calling to remind you to pick something up. Its all kinds of conversations. I really do not want to hear you talk about your sister's or your yeast infection or about how wasted you and whoever got last night. The whole store from aisle 4 thru 7 now knows your sisters got a yeast infection down there and you are a slut after 6 shots of tequila.
These people shop and talk and keep talking even at the check out line totally ignoring the cashier totally engrossed in their own little world.
Cant they just tell the person on the other end of the line "hey can you hold on for a few seconds" or "can I call you back I am checking out at the grocery store" Does anybody else out there think its Rude or am I just behind the times getting old. I understand we need cell phones because Payphones are few and far between. I do not even know how much a call on a payphone costs now a days.
Then there is the moron at every movie who's cell phone starts ringing some lame rap or hip hop ring tone despite the fact that they ask you to please turn your phone off or at least put it on vibrate. Are you that freaking important that you cant turn it off for two hours? We hear your conversation; you are an ass wipe not a doctor on emergency call.
The same thing happens in restaurants and bars I have seen couples do nothing but text while waiting on their food. They never look up. Are they texting each other at the table?
Why do some people think they need to shout into their cell phone like its a tin can with a string running to another tin can. You can use your normal voice on most cell phones cant you?
There needs to be some Cell Phone Etiquette maybe the phone manufacturers can include a pamphlet with the phone I doubt people would read it. It took me a few hours reading through the instruction manual to figure out how to operate my phone and figure out all the bells and whistles. My kids just opened the box charged the battery and somehow figured it all out in 10 minutes. Do we still teach our kids good manners? Maybe people need to start teaching their kids good manners and respect for others and start acting more considerate themselves. I think cell phones are becoming an addiction for many especially the young who cant seem to go 20 minutes with out texting some one. Most kids cant even write out a real sentence now because who the hell knows what half the crap means. MBF this MBFD that RU whatever?.Why don't you just call them and talk, why text? People who stand in line and camp out in front of Best Buy for 3 days in order to get the new i Phones are crazy. Many cant afford to pay for their own groceries but they damn sure have a cell phone and it's a blackberry baby or it's an iphone. Cool but, do you really need a 3 or 4 hundred dollar phone. I just use it to make a few calls, some times take a few pictures and I use the alarm clock.
I know there are a million reasons to have your phone with you. When my daughter started dating I would not let her leave with out it. Great for emergencies and a wonderful convienience. Who needs a land line any more.
Cant we just be a bit more considerate to others . No one else needs to or really wants to hear your conversation. And if you lack the coordination necessary to drive and talk on your cell phone be it hand held or hands free please don't because you are pissing me off.


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  3. Good for you. It's time people stop using their phone while driving. I was almost hit head on by someone texting while driving.

  4. you need to get over it. This is not the past Cell Phones are everywhere. Its how we communicate. It is not going to change. Either get on board or get run over grandpa!

  5. fuck these haters on here, I work at the publix at palm bay and babcock street. I had to bag for a couple of months during the past year, and yes, talking on your phone during checkout is rude as shit. Many times the cashier im bagging for is being very friendly as we are supposed to be at publix, and she wil greet a customer in line just to be completely ignored. On a couple of occasions I've asked if plastic is alright, only to receive no answer so I just start bagging with plastic, and the customer gets all in a fuss about not using paper bags. Glad I dont have to do that shit anymore. I still get the occasional annoying customer who walks up behind me and says "Hey!" so i turn around and greet them to find that decided to make a phone call while standing 5 feet away from me while I have my back to them. I hope every person that does that to me gets some disease from the cell phone signal passing through their skull and dies a slow and painful death.

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